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Fans chime in with opinions on what Packers should do in free agency

Amen, Harry! Advice to Packers is on the mark
I LOVED Harry's "Don't be Afraid to Play" column today (Friday)!! Right on!! Now as I peruse other sights and many of the so-called "experts" on these sights as regards possible free agent signings/destinations I have yet to see the Packers mentioned as an interested party for ANY of the top 30 or so free agents.

Either they are keeping things very close to the vest or they are not planning any major moves and if that is the case I would be at a loss. I was very excited for free agency to get started and to seeing the Packers make some good, sensible moves, but now I am wondering if they will do anything!!

I listened to Nick Barnett on Rome also and all I can say is get the guy extended - NOW!! He is a Packer and wants to stay a Packer.

I think it safe to say with Jenkins getting the big pay day he is now the man on the other end of the line. KGB, I am afraid your days are numbered, or you will have to take a pay cut to stay a Packer. I would also now assume that a DE is now out of the picture as our first round pick. Can't wait to see things start to happen here, keep up the good work PackerReport!!
Jeff J. Dummer, jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE

Packers need a few more good men
Fellow fans,
Here we go! This is an important year in FA because it is very possibly No. 4's last year, and we need to make a big run (plus I want to stomp the Bears in a big way and dominate the division). The free agency market isn't that great this year, and truthfully the draft doesn't have as many players that can make an impact as they have in years past, so I am a little leery of hoping to solve all of our issues there, too. Here are a few of MY thoughts for what that is worth.

1) NO Moss! The attitude he brings far outweighs any upside. He has talent that we could use (if we could be sure he would work, which we can't) and he is too expensive anyway. If we are going to gamble on a No. 3 reciever, how about Antonio Bryant? Fast, good hands, and does not take plays off - hard worker in need of positive surroundings, and should be far less expensive. Then supplement in the draft.

2) D. Graham. This would be the one big pickup in FA I would like to see. Great blocker, good hands, he is a definite upgrade at TE, and we could really use that. 3) Dillon or Lewis in Green and Gold? Sounds interesting. If they would go for a one year, incentive-laden contract, be nice to have someone to help Morency and Herron, and we could either land a work in progress or try to draft next year.

4) A. Timmerman - experience and depth on our line. Each year we have thinning ranks on our line from time to time. AT was a great Packer, love to have him back and I think the price would be right.

I don't have as much to bring to the table on the other side of the ball. I like signing of Jenkins and keeping Harris. We need some help on the safety area, but I am not sold on anyone out there. I also don't know what the status of K. Robinson is, but if he is coming back I would give him a chance.

I am eagerly looking forward to watching the changes this year, and hope we make smart moves. Mr. Thompson, please think about what Moss would do to this team. Look at his history and make the right choice.

Stay warm and GO PACK!
Jason Eckes, eckesjh@yahoo.com, DeForest, WI

No need for Timmerman or Verba
Thank you for the information on Timmerman and Verba.

It was sad to learn what Ross has been up to, or perhaps I should say, what he has fallen down to. It may have been that the reason he did so well in Green Bay was that the atmosphere of the town and state did not as readily offer him the opportunity to loose his uglier nature. I feel sorry for him and think we should be praying for his "recovery."

Adam is a different story, but I agree that the coaches have brought along a group of young talent who are making great progress in the offensive line and it would be unrealistic to pull any of them in favor of an aging player who might do well for a year or two, but then we would be back to trying to make a cohesive unit of other talents.

You are right. Leave the offensive line alone ... and it is likely to get better in 2007 as it did throughout 2006. Go Pack!!
Rod Johnson, rodjohnson@windstream.net, Young Harris, GA

Please! No Randy Moss!
Please tell me that these "rumblings" that I hear about GB being "interested" in signing Randy Moss are just rumors! Nothing more, nothing less. Please!!! If there is one speck of truth to this, It must be crushed immediately!!!

I live in the Bay Area, and Randy Moss has been a total and complete flop for the Raiders. Not to mention that he is a cry baby, a club house cancer, and a high-priced primma donna.

Todd, if you or anyone else that you know have any clout out there, talk to somebody, ANYBODY in the Packers organization and talk them out of this madness!! Things are finally starting to look up for this team. I do not want to see a distraction like Moss ruin it. And he WILL ruin it!! There are plenty of other options for WR available for this coming season.

For the love of God … NO RANDY MOSS!
Gary Allen, garysremodel@sbcglobal.net, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Trading for Moss would be comparable to Hadl trade
I hope that we are not going to try and get Randy Moss. That would be a bigger mistake then getting John Hadl for 5 first round draft choices. People need to remember that. I would rather see T.O. here than Moss.
Todd, toddrjohnson@msn.com, Lynchburg, VA

Packers need to improve running back, safety positions
Good articles! I love this time of the year as it's kind of like the lead up to Christmas! Personally, I am hoping we get a chance at a top running back after we re-sign Ahman Green. I believe that we will have the opportunity to find a quality WR in the 2nd round, but regardless, I believe that SS is a critical need. I noticed that many of the linebackers listed time wise at the Combine have outstanding times. What's the possibility that one of those guys could convert to SS?

Please, NO RANDY MOSS! He is not a Packer nor will he ever be. I don't care if he's 10 feet tall and runs a 4.1 … he's poison!
Geoffrey B. Slater, gbslater@worldparadigm.com, Baku 370000, Azerbaijan

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