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Fans air their displeasures over lack of action by Packers in free agency

Ted, what's the plan, anyway?
I am sure you are getting tired of us fans pestering you about what the Packers have been doing, or rather, not doing thus far since the free agency period opened. But, we just are really, really baffled out here and kind of wondering if there really is a plan to make this team better this year.

Again, I am sure open to hearing what it might be if any of you have any thoughts on the matter at this point. We all know TE is a position of need - I just saw that McMichael was signing with the Rams - a huge opportunity missed there. Johnson signed with the Saints, Graham with the Broncos. Not much left, all I can see as a remote possibility is Jerramy Stevens. The draft is also TE poor. Will there be some better TE's released later? That is all I can figure. Otherwise they go into the season with Franks and Lee as the TE's - no upgrade there, actually probably a downgrade. RB - Best back Green is lost. McGahee is traded to the Ravens (watch him shine there), Lewis signs on with Browns, Henry with Bronco's, etc, etc. Again, not much left. Oft injured Chris Brown - come on!! I do think there actually is a plan there and that is to pray Lynch falls to them in the draft. FB - Henderson is released. Brandon Miree is all that is left. They actually do bring a quality FA in in Griffith but no word on him signing or getting any offer. WR - another position of need and all they have done is sniff at Bennett before he signed on elsewhere. No more news on the Moss trade and actually now other teams seem to have popped onto the radar so if that trade isn't made they go into the season just as they ended last season - again no upgrade there. Return game has needed an upgrade for a while now and the best ones out there are already signed on to other teams (Welker, Bethel Johnson, etc.). I know you all are preaching patience, that there is a plan, but we just don't see it and apparently neither do the many "experts" in the field as they have the Packers rated as one of the biggest losers thus far in free agency.

I know it is all conjecture and opinion, but conjecture and opinion based on fact I would say. I am open to hearing anything at this point as to what the possible plan is if anyone can enlighten us.
Jeff Dummer, jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE

Does Thompson think it's his money?
I get that they couldn't afford to pay outrageous money into keep Green. But, I am with Harry with his thoughts about getting in the game. It's almost like he thinks it's his money. He's gambling thinking his 2 top draft choices will still be there ... a big gamble. Otherwise he's done nothing ... diddly squat!

Here's my thinking: We have 32 vultures all swirling around. The 32 represent the teams in the NFL. Below we have one great big chicken filled with all the available players. 31 of the vultures swoop in for the kill and they start ripping and picking apart the chicken taking the players to bolster their team. 31 fly away when they've gotten their fill ..... and Ike? Oh, he's left with the wish bone!
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Give Thompson room to do his job
I don't understand why Harry Sydney is so upset over the lack of aggressiveness by Ted Thompson where free agents are concerned. We knew this was his nature when he was hired and he has behaved precisely the same way the last two years. Why is anyone surprised and upset by him now? He is doing business just like we knew he would and said he would. Why does anybody think he's going to change?

I think we should let him do his job. He's doing fine, and building for the long haul. We should be patient. Soon the wins will start adding up and people will quit second guessing.
Ken Parrish, KenParrish53@aol.com, Lynchburg, VA

Thompson wise for not overspending
Hi Todd,
Free agency is a week old and I am seeing all these teams offering some ridiculous amounts of money to players that haven't even made the Pro Bowl. What gives? I give a lot of credit to Ted Thompson for not following suit, and I am sure he's waiting for all the smoke to clear.

One thing is for sure, he needs to find a veteran RB to fill in for the departed Green. The Texans way overpaid him. That's Sherman for you, putting his stamp on an aging offense. He did the same thing last year with Mike Flanagan.

Anyways, I would like to see the Packers pick up a free agent RB (Chris Brown, perhaps). He's still young, and should be a good fit in the zone blocking. And then pair him up with Lynch in the backfield.

Now for the Randy Moss deal, Thompson shouldn't give up more than a second round pick for him. Also, remember that Antonio Bryant is a free agent. He's fast and talented and under the right guidance his temper shouldn't be an issue, and he's younger than Moss.

We need to look at TE's and safeties as well. I think Eric Johnson could be had, if he can stay healthy.

Anyway, I look forward to the draft, and the free agent pickups.

Stay warm, and GO PACK!
Lou, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Coral Springs, FL

Up in arms over lack of moves in free agency
What is Ted Thompson doing up there, "working on his golf game"??

Seems like every time I watch Sportscenter I see more of our players being signed away by other teams. I wonder who he looking at for our running game in '07 now that Ahman Green is gone?? He's up there sitting on his butt while all the good free agents are being signed by other teams.

I know he likes building a team through the draft, but all he is getting there is young, inexperienced players, and the Pack is already the youngest team in the league. What's going on up there????
Peter Schwind, petey@bright.net, Tipp City, OH

Thompson needs to be more active in free agency
Dear Harry,
Just read your article about Ahman and how TT needs to start getting active. We know that Ted won't trade for McGahee from Buffalo and if the New York Giants don't trade for him, they could trade ahead of us for Lynch, which puts the Packers in the poor house. We cannot have another episode like in 1996 when Baltimore moved up ahead of us and snatched away Ray Lewis and then we got stuck with Jon Michels...YUCK.

So is TT putting all of his eggs in the Randy Moss basket? No doubt Moss will help the Pack light it up, but not without a running game. And if he is really serious about Randy, so are the Patriots (which have two 1st round selections). The only way that I see us getting Randy now and saving our 16th slot, is trading a 2nd or 3rd and moving Aaron Rodgers to Oakland.

Obviously New England is gearing up for a run this season and the Pack is planning for the future. But when does the future become the present? Once again Harry, you are absolutely right, Ted needs to stop sitting on this hands and GET IN THE GAME.
Jason Anderson, bubbalofton@yahoo.com, Fargo, ND

Moss would give offense a spark
Trade a second round pick to Oakland for Moss. He immediately improves the red zone offense with his leaping ability. And he opens up the middle of field for Driver and Jennings in a three receiver set when he goes deep. Jennings becomes the new Keith Jackson.

Draft Lynch in the first round and he provides a safety value receiver who can take it to the house when Moss, Driver and Jennings have created havoc for the defense.

Consider drafting Newton as a tight end in the third round. His height and Moss' height and leaping ability would drive the defense nuts.
Robert Sutherland, sutherlandrobert@telus.net, Balzac, Alberta

Henderson an all-time favorite Packer
William Henderson has been my favorite Packer since I was old enough to be a real fan. His attitude and deamenor within the team were always things to envy, and he was a perfect example of what a REAL role model should be to kids these days amongst a league full of guys like Adam RainMan Jones, and Terrell ‘I'm God's gift to earth' Owens.

It's people like William Henderson that save the image of the league, and his stand-up attitude is that of one I wish to find in a new favorite player in the league. He will always be one of my favorites, and seeing him released, although I understand why, still makes me sad. I wish him the best, and I'm sure his locker room presence will be forever missed. I hope he signs back on as some form of help or advisor or locker room control or something. He is great. I'm sad the day they cut him ... certainly leaves a big sour feeling ... I wish him so much the best in his future ... what a great character in the game of life. I know I'll miss him! Good Luck WH!
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Please, do not trade for Moss
I would like Drew Bennett, or even Antonio Bryant at WR, but not R. Moss under any condition. I agree with the fan who said that this would be worse than the Hadl trade. Moss would bring a T.O. attitude (actually worse because T.O. isn't lazy) with Robert Ferguson type production. His attitude would be extremely destructive to a young team with a relatively new coaching staff. And the fans would turn on him unmercifully the first time he displayed poor effort (probably the first series of the first preseason game). I like getting a franchise back (Marshawn Lynch) in 1st round. If they could get a 1st round calibre receiver, tight end or safety through trade up of 2nd round pick, it might be worth it. Continue to draft corners and defensive linemen for depth.
George M. Gevelinger, ggevelinger@sbcglobal.net, Downers Grove, IL

Packers can still get a good RB in second, third rounds
You couldn't be more correct in your analysis of the A. Green signing by the Texans and the upcoming draft by Green Bay.

I was hoping that A. Green would sign a lucrative deal, but not with GB. This forces GB to head in a new direction. Although Lynch seems like a logical choice to fill the running back void, don't be surprised if TT & MM wait & choose someone in the 2nd or 3rd round.

I believe placing Lynch as GB's next starting running back is premature. There are others in the draft that just might be what TT & MM are looking for.

As a result, GB's 1st round pick may end up being a couple 2nd round picks. Most fans don't see TTs plan very clearly.
Doug, dougnew@peoplepc.com, Juneau, WI

Please, Ted, do something in free agency!
I think Ted Thompson is a big boob. He just sits there and waits instead of calling in free agents to come for a visit and talk and find those ones that are right for the Packers, but no, Ted is waiting for it to calm down and I think it is a big mistake. He could have had Bennett as a 3 WR but no, so Ted get off of your butt and bring in guys for a visit. But you can also bring in Wiggins. I think Joe Horn would have been a good fit for this team and, to me, I do remember what Randy Moss did, but I don't think he would be a virus to this team. I think Favre would get him involved in the offense, so please bring Randy Moss here, but if not him, then start doing something Ted because we as Packer fans want to see us win. I think you should try to trade for Plummer, too.
Dean, packerbuddy14@yahoo.com, Green Bay, WI

Letting Green sign with Texans is on Thompson
Well, good ole Ted Thompson has done it again. We lost another veteran, Ahman Green. The Packers certainly could have come up with a better offer even if Green is 30. Gaining 1,059 yards last season behind a so-called offensive line, in the middle, I thought was pretty good. He also adds experience. Granted, his best days are behind him and I think the press has over-reacted to his fumbles. How many times did my hero Jim Taylor fumble? It just happens.

Yep, the Packers have certainly rewarded Green for his years of dedicated service and he really never was an outspoken problem playing in the shadows of Brett Favre. Many times he bailed out the offense. Even last season. The Packers have really changed since Thompson and I think its reputation in a business sense is for the worse. First, it was Mike Wahle, and now Green. Who knows, maybe even Javon Walker? I think a good one-on-one sensible meeting could have kept some of these players instead of stubbornness.

Thompson should swallow some of his pride. Who knows, maybe he can come up with another Marquand Manuel. Ha! I am a diehard Packer fan and I do agree the team needs an overhaul. But, some good veteren leadership from some its core I think could have been retained. GO PACK!
Chuck Brinkmann, cma@mailstation.com, Marshfield, WI

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