Mike McCarthy Q&A

Coach gives updates on Favre, Rodgers, Lynch and tells of NASCAR experience in February to reporters at the team's annual Fan Fest Saturday:

On how Brett Favre's ankle rehab is going:
"He's in constant communication with the training staff. I've talked with him yesterday. Everything is going good. We feel he's ahead of schedule. He's doing fine. He feels he could do a lot more than they've asked him to do. He hasn't had any problems at all. I think he's getting the stitches out in the next day our so. Everything is going good."

On Aaron Rodgers and quarterbacks camp:
It's important for Aaron and Ingle. It's an excellent opportunity. It's an excellent environment for them to get better with their familiarity with the scheme, the details of the scheme, the direction we're going with the scheme. They'll have access to the installations two times before they are even installed with anybody else. That's important for the quarterback position, but the most important thing is the fundamental time. You don't really have the time when you get into the practice structure with your football team to devote to the fundamentals of quarterback play. I'm a firm believer in it. I've had a lot of success with it in the past, and I think both guys will benefit from it."

On how Aaron Rodgers is progressing?
"He's ready to go, but Dr. (Patrick) McKenzie will draw a decision on that when he's ready to go. He feels great. If you ask him, he'll say he's ready to go. His rehab in Chico (Calif.) has been very positive. I just don't want to do anything that is going to create a setback."

On his thoughts of younger players at tight end position:
"I look for Tory to take advantage of his opportunities in the off-season program and OTA's. I feel he will be a contributor this year. Zac has the best hands on our football team. I need to find a way to get him involved. He needs to develop more in the weight room and work on his interior assignments as far as pass protection and things like that."

On his thoughts on Marshawn Lynch:
"Good young prospect at Cal-Berkeley. I've had an opportunity to meet him twice now, so I think he has a very bright future."

On team's off-season workout program, which begins March 19:
"The four months here is the most important time for our football team. The most progress we will make as a football team, in my opinion, will come in March, April, May and June."

On if he is getting more down time this off-season and if that is important to him:
"I think down time is important. I've traveled a bit more than I like. I'm not a big fan of traveling. … I'm a fanatic of time management. It's critical. I think you have to be very conscious of your staff. You can't do too much. You really can't. There's always something to do in this business.
"It's important to identify your plan, hit your targets each month, and I feel good about that. I don't think we're wasting time doing a bunch of studies that don't fit what we're going to do and things like that. I don't see a lot of wasted time like that.
"I've never enjoyed doing things twice, or if you're working for a guy, do something and it never even gets looked at. There has been some of that in my past. Time management is important, and you've got to know when to cut it off. I don't want people here till 10 o'clock at night during the off-season. If they are, there's something wrong. I'm very pleased with the way the coordinators have pumped out the work. … If every off-season goes the way this one has, I'll be very pleased."

On what he learned about seeing the Daytona 500 in person in February:
"Incredible focus and detail and the teamwork aspect of each team. I really didn't realize that all of that went on. Just to see the pit crew … how detailed each guy's assignment is. The recruitment of former college football players. You see a lot of ex-athletes that are now involved in that aspect of it. The video and technology in the pit as far as the cameras and viewing the pit stop, the communication. It's incredible, the dynamics of the teamwork and what it takes to win a race.
"I had an opportunity to go up on the roof and be around the spotters for each car. It's a lot more involved than I ever imagined."

On if he would ever want to drive a NASCAR:
"Shoot, I don't know. What's wild is the track. It was pretty cool, I don't know. I guess I'd try."

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