C'mon, Ted! Pull the trigger

PackerReport.com's Bob Fox provides his take on how the Packers can improve this off-season by trading for difference-makers such as Oakland wide receiver Randy Moss or San Diego running back Michael Turner.

Bus Cook is an agent of a very famous pro football player. Someone named Favre. Brett Favre. He is also the former agent of Randy Moss and still has strong connections to the controversial wide receiver. He is also the agent of Michael Turner, the talented backup RB to the very best in the game ... LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers.

Cook had some interesting comments regarding Moss and Turner, recently reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. About Moss he said, "He's always wanted to play with Brett. Brett thinks he's as good as there is. He was born to be a football player. For once in his career, Brett would have a deep threat. Not that Donald Driver isn't a great player, because he is. Sterling Sharpe was very good and Antonio Freeman was very good, but they weren't speedsters, they weren't 4.3 (seconds in the 40-yard dash) or faster. Randy still does have that speed."

Cook also said that Turner is better than any back in this year's draft. He is right about both Moss and Turner. Yes, agents have a vested and selfish interest in talking about their clients, but Cook just happens to be right on the money. Just like an agent.

Moss would bring a completely different dimension to the Packers. Javon Walker and Favre clicked because Walker could get downfield and catch a ball in traffic. No one has done the better in the history of the NFL than Moss. Moss would also open things up for the rest of the wide receivers like Driver and Greg Jennings. The running game would also benefit because there would be less men in the box because of the passing game threats.

Yes, Moss has baggage. So did Andre Rison. So did Favre in Atlanta. Moss also still has plenty left in the gas tank. Cook is speaking for Favre when he comments about Moss. They (Favre and Moss) want to play together. They respect each other immensely. Favre would never allow Moss to take plays off. Moss knows this. And he still wants to come to Green Bay.

Moss came very close to a Super Bowl his rookie season in 1998. The Vikings were upset at home by the Falcons in the NFC Championship game that year. He has not come that close since. Favre's last Super Bowl year was 1997. Together, they would have a chance to get to one.

Judging from the crowd reaction at Fan Fest, most fans don't want Moss in Green Bay. It seems implausible to many that the Packers would even consider this notion. The same fans probably never thought they would see the day Jim McMahon would wear a Packer uniform. McMahon not only wore the green and gold, but he also won a Super Bowl ring as Favre's backup. Strange things can happen in the NFL, but it mostly a league about winning.

Sometimes general managers need to pull the trigger. Roll the dice. Film doesn't lie. Ted Thompson is a protégé of Ron Wolf. It's time to become Wolf-like. Wolf made the two greatest trades in Packer history when acquired Favre from the Falcons and Ahman Green from the Seahawks. The first trade got Green Bay a Lombardi Trophy and the second one got the team a franchise back for several years.

Thompson has a similar window. We all know that Thompson is a good draft evaluator and he treasures his draft picks. But the time has come for Ted to head to Vegas. Bring in BOTH Moss and Turner. I gave the reasons previously about Moss. Turner is worth a number one draft pick because he IS better than anyone in this year's draft. He has PROVEN it in the NFL. Not just the NCAA. Turner has a career rushing average of 6.0 yards per carry. Let me repeat: Turner has a career rushing average of 6.0 yards per carry. Are you kidding me?

Thompson should be engaged in trade talks with the Chargers now! Turner is a restricted free agent that carries a first round and a third round price tag if a team were to sign him. The Chargers know that this might be the best time to get good value for Turner because next year he will be an unrestricted free agent. Would I give a first and a third for Turner? Probably not. But I would certainly give a number one pick on its own.

Packer fans are hoping that Marshawn Lynch may be available when the Packers pick at No. 16 in the first round of the NFL draft. Why take that chance? Pull the trigger on Turner. Pull the trigger on Moss. Moss can reportedly be had for a 3rd round pick, perhaps a second. Yes, it will take some draft picks in the early rounds to acquire these players. But we are talking elite players. Such is life. Life in the NFL is winning. Or you are gone.

Ron Wolf knew these things when he dealt for Favre and Green. He also knows that Moss is worth pursuing. "You have to know what you're getting, but if he can help you win, there's no question that you go after him," Wolf said. "Guys like Randy Moss don't walk down the street every day. You cannot discount that. From the time he took the field for Minnesota, he was a Packer killer."

Cook has a great relationship with the Packers. He was very fair to the Packer organization in negotiating deals for Favre throughout the gunslinger's illustrious career. Favre has never held out. Favre never complained when lesser quarterbacks starting dwarfing his contract. Favre is a man of his word. A contract is a contract. He said the same thing regarding the Walker contract spat. He probably shouldn't have, but he was right.

Cook is a man of his word as well. He can help the Packers get the best value out of these acquisitions because of his relationship with Favre, Moss and Turner. I'm sure Cook has a great relationship as well with Andrew Brandt, the Packers contract negotiator. The same goes for Thompson. The price will still be stiff, but the outcome will be worth it. That's why Wolf had no problem giving Atlanta a number one pick for Favre. It led to the hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy. Isn't that why they play in the NFL? It's time to get on the Bus, Ted.

Bob Fox is a frequent contributor to PackerReport.com. E-mail him at greenbaybob@hotmail.com.

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