Reeves on the Packers

on the Packers in general:<p> "Of course the first regular season game is very difficult to tell exactly what kind of team you're playing or what kind of team you have, because you play so many different people during the regular season.

We've spent a lot of time, as I'm sure they have, looking at games from last year, because they have basically the same coaching staff. I think keys to the game are going to be, again, the running game; who has the ability to run the football. Ahman Green, he averaged over four yards a carry last year and over 1,300 yards. He is a real key. He is a guy that is kind of the catalyst as far as the running game is concerned. So that's going to be one of the priority things that we have is trying to stop their running game and stick them on first down. Last year they averaged over five yards a carry on first and ten running the football. So, that's going to be key for us. Again, our ability to run ball with be important. Any time you're on the road, you get in a lot of passing situations and it becomes more difficult because the advantage switches to the defense, if you get in those passing situations. So, hopefully we can run the ball there. That was something, out of our goals, that we didn't do well in the preseason. Net rushing is one of our goals for the season, and it alwaysis going to be important, so hopefully we will get our running game on track and be able to play good run defense."

on the Packers offense:

"I think any time you play Brett Favre, he's dangerous. Last year I think they were second in the league in net passing right behind St. Louis. He's a guy that can make plays, because of his ability to move in and out of the pocket. So, our ability to put pressure on him is going to be important for us. Again, you can do that better, if you can slow the running game down. They've got Terry Glenn, that we really haven't seen a lot in preseason, but we know he's an explosive guy at the wide receiver position. They've got a good tight end in Bubba Franks. Then, the other wide receiver they've got is Donald Driver who was with them and has caught some passes from him, and he's the other starter."

On the Packers defense:

"They've got some really good defensive players, Vonnie Holiday and Gilbert Brown, Cletidus Hunt and Joe Johnson up front. Joe Johnson of course, they got from New Orleans. He's had a really good preseason. He's going to be a priority for us as far as our attack is concerned. Hardy Nickerson is playing in the middle. He's an excellent linebacker. They've got a good set of linebackers. Probably, Darren Sharper is a guy that has really been impressive at the free safety position, and both their corners are excellent corners. They'll challenge you a lot, Mike McKenzie and Tyrone Williams, with bump and run. So, that's going to be a key for our receivers to make some plays in the passing game."

on Brett Favre:

"Well, I think any time any team prepares for a person, knowing who's going to be there and preparing for him than you do somebody coming off the bench, because he really is an unknown. So, yes, even though you've seen maybe a little bit of film on him, it's better if that guy's the starter and you know. They've seen enough film on him now in the preseason as well as last year, to prepare for him. He's going to see some things that they haven't shown. I know in my experience with John (Elway), they're going to come after you with some things that are not necessarily sound, and see if he can pick them up. I think he's learned an awful lot in the preseason, as far as watching people on defense, trying to get an indication of what's happening, but they're going to do a good job. Our ability to get up to the line of scrimmage and let him have a chance to read those things are really important, and I think he does have a grasp of our offense now where that's going to give him a chance to get a pre-snap read and not be surprised by everything after the snap of the ball."

on if Favre has gotten better in recent years:

"I don't think he's (Favre) gotten any better, if he got any better it'd be scary, it's scary already. I think he's been like he's always been. He's always had a great arm and he just has a touch on the ball that I think he's developed as a verteran guy where he knows when to put a touch up on it and lay it up or when he can drill it. Any veteran quarterback, it's very rare that they are ever surprised and you can't come up with a blitz that they haven't've got to disguise thing as best you can and put some ]pressure on him and make him throw it before he's ready.

On the Packers special teams:

"It's funny, in the return game, we've got Allen Rossum who was there last year, and they've got our return guy, Darrien Gordon, who we had. We've kind of swapped returners. Both those guys had good years last year. Darrien certainly had a great year for us. He's supposed to be healthy. He didn't play a lot in the preseason, but he's a quality return guy. That's going to be a key match up. Any time you get in a close ballgame, which we're hoping that we're in. Jay Feely had a great preseason; ten and ten. Hopefully we can keep that going. Special teams is always a key part of it, and we've got to do our job special team wise."

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