Sydney Speaks! Only in Green Bay's Harry Sydney is up in arms over Packers fans who are protesting a trade for Oakland wide receiver Randy Moss. Sydney feels that Moss can make a difference with the Packers in 2007. How big of a difference? Read on, premium subscribers.

If it's not one soap opera, it's another for the Green Bay Packers. In the past we have had to endure the Javon Walker ‘I want to get paid even though I signed my contract and haven't done anything, but I have a lot of potential, so pay or trade me because I deserve it' crap.

Before that it was the Mike McKenzie ‘I don't want to play for Mike Sherman' issue. Many thought it had to do with the fact that he wanted Mike Sherman to promote Lionel Washington as defensive backs coach instead of Marty's little brother Kurt, but now can you blame him?

For the last several years many had different views on the Brett Favre saga because of how it got played out by Brett himself, as well as the media. He was hounded by anyone and everyone who waited for him to open his mouth with the hope that they would be the first to get the scoop on whether he is was staying or going. As crazy as it was I enjoyed it because many of these decisions were based on football, but what is going on now between Randy Moss and the fans isn't.

I am a fan of Randy Moss, the football player, and I believe he can help this team. There is no question in my mind that if this team acquires him, it will instantly be an NFC contender. To me that makes all the football sense in the world because the last time I looked, football was about winning and losing games not kissing babies.

As true football fans, and that's what I have always thought about most of those that make up the Packer Nation, they are and have always been football people … until recently. Not only that, but let's say I was surprised when Bob Harlan allowed the fans to have a voice in any decision by stating the wishes of some of the Packer faithfuls. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. Whether Randy Moss comes to Green Bay, or not, has to be based on a football decision, not on what fans think. Has Randy Moss made some mistakes? Yes. Did he fake ‘moon' some Packer fans? Yes. So what? Big deal. Get over it.

If fans knew what went on behind the scenes with some of the past players that wore the Green and Gold many would lose their mind and might never go to a game again. Football players aren't saints and never will be, so just because you see a guy play the game, and he signs an autograph here and there, you don't know what happens behind closed doors. So, those who want to label someone a good or bad guy need to get a grip on reality.

The Packers won the Super Bowl with a few gangsters that many of you never knew about. Most know about the history of Antonio Freeman or Andre Rison and their bouts with the law, but I can tell you that this team had many more bad guys.

Instead of worrying about whether or not Randy Moss will be a model citizen or not, those who don't want him here should be asking themselves how much do they want Brett Favre to go down with a blaze of glory? Brett Favre is still one of the best play-makers in the game. He has been given the gunslinger tag for a reason. One of the complaints of his has been that he puts the ball up in traffic expecting his receivers to make the hard catch. Well, as I see it, Brett can't out-throw Moss and he's one of the most acrobatic receivers that has ever played the game.

If the Packers make the trade for Moss, and along with Donald Driver, they will have perhaps the most dangerous pair of receivers in the game. Ask yourself which one gets single coverage? Not only that, but look at how bad the Packers were in the "RED ZONE" last season. I would think having Moss as another target would certainly change that stat, and I think that's more important in the giant scheme of things.

Packer fans, wake up and give this guy a chance. The window for Brett is slowly closing and he needs more play-makers. This team can't afford to let Randy Moss slip through its fingers. I sure hope that Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy are the football guys that everyone thinks they are because if they are that means they don't care about what the Packer fans want, or don't want. It should be about business and their business is putting this team in position to win more games. If it's Randy Moss that can help this team get there they should go get him. It's amazing how so many thought it was all right for them to sign Koren Robinson regardless of his legal issue, and even cheer Ahman Green after his troubles with his wife and the law. What about the things that Gilbert Brown dealt with when he was with the team?

As I listen to national sports shows, it's ridiculous to see in the headlines "Green Bay Packer Fans don't want Randy Moss." I shake my head only in disbelief and simply think this thought: ONLY IN GREEN BAY!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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