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Packers fans continue to sound off over Moss and Thompson

Thompson won't give up the farm for Moss
Good Morning Todd;
I just finished reading Harry Sydney's article. I thought I would like to give my two cents. The big turmoil over Moss coming to Green Bay in my mind is not about his private life or his little baby antics he shows from time to time, but I feel that T.T. will not want to trade for Moss in the manner of what I have read so much. He would not give up a former number 1 draft pick and our No. 2 QB, plus a second pick, or any other round pick. It is just not his way.

Do I feel Moss could help? Yes, if he still can play like he did two years ago. Does he still have it? Has his skills diminished in the last two years? Will he play on every down? Is he willing to finish his routes and block down field? I think that T.T. will not acquire Moss unless it is on his terms. That means he will not give up a good QB and a high round draft for the big "IF."
Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie, PA

Why trade for Moss, anyway?
Good afternoon,
Why in the world would we want Randy Moss. I've been a Packer fan since 1952 and live in Minnesota. I remember what he was like with the Vikings. God help us if he ends up in Green Bay.
A.V. Filipiak, flipde634@yahoo.com, Minnesota

Thompson should trade for Moss
Dear Todd,
I would like to start off with the Randy Moss issue. I just read an article on how the fans of the Pack don't want Moss to come to Green Bay. Here's why: Because he's been kicking our butt since he was a rookie, and it's hard to forgive someone that's been tearing you up and down the field since he started in the NFL. But that was his job and he did it well.

I would love to see him wearing Green and Gold and have a field day over the NFC North again. Let's face it, he can do it. I also want people to realize that nobody is perfect and because he's a superstar all of his off-the-field problems have come to light. I mean who has not made a mistake in their life and then moved on and learned from it? The guy wants to be on a team. He can win. Heck, the Raiders couldn't even find a coach for awhile there. I say take a chance and all would be forgiven when Favre throws a beautiful pass down the sideline and Randy takes it the rest of the way. He will win over the hearts of the Packer backers.

Second, I would like to say I like what TT is doing with the cap and not blowing it on players that have been on a different team for the past three years or that are hurt all the time. I think that he evaluates talent better than most people give him credit for. Good things come to those who wait. I believe that if you rush out and spend all your cap money on players that are not proven winners, or that are not going to contribute for a long time, than your setting yourself up for failure.
SGT Mark Lee, mark.lee3@us.army.mil, Wiesbaden, Germany

Packers are going backwards this off-season
Hi Todd,
I haven't emailed for a long time. I believe the last time I was wondering how long it was going to take to replace KGB since he obviously was never effective against the run. Anyway, where are we at? We desperately need to fill many holes -- RB, FB, WR, TE and possibly left tackle on offense and safety and cornerback (a 3rd or 4th) on defense. And we need a return specialist on special teams. It's going to take a long time to fill all of these needs via the draft.

It's one thing to talk about improving your team, but we need to compete with the top teams and it seems like we are falling further behind the likes of the Patriots and Jets, who destroyed us last year. I would say they have improved already this year as a result of free agency/trades and we haven't. They seem to be very proactive and we seem to be very reactive. What am I missing?
Bobio, rschneider1975@yahoo.com, Minnetonka, MN

Moss has all the intangibles and fits Packers' needs
So far from what I've seen it's nothing more than just a rumor, just like the Brett Favre retirement that got weeks of unnecessary press in my view. Same with the Moss issue. We might get him, we might not. If we do, yes, I admit I'm not that happy about it, but the needs of the team come first!

We're giving Koren Robinson a chance, with the condition that he stay straight. The same thing should apply to Randy Moss. I'd rather have him on the team than be a Packer Killer like he was when he was with Minnesota. Besides it gives Brett another target besides Don Driver. Driver can't do it by himself now, can he?

There were too many dropped balls last year and Brett got some of the blame for that (NOT FAIR). Ron Wolf says "He is worth the risk." I think so too!!!

So what happens next if we don't get Randy Moss? Find a player that is 6 feet, 4 inches like Moss? The speed of Moss? Who can catch the football like Moss? We have to do something, and right NOW!

I'd say Moss has four years left, if not longer. I say give him a try, and if we get him, set conditions, like Robinson. It's the fair thing to do. It took me a bit to accept the idea about Robinson, but if the Packers need him so be it. The same thing goes here with Moss! You never know, Moss may not like those conditions and not accept the offer!!! WE the fans MUST think of the team's needs. If we like it or not, who knows, this might just work out!!! You never know.
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

Fox's trade idea makes complete sense!
I just want to tell you that when I read the caption to the Bob Fox article, I was growing into the Hulk right before my own eyes! I said to myself, ‘TODD!?!?!?! YOU DID IT AGAIN!?!?" I was in disbelief ... there was no way you let ANOTHER TT basher in on the action ... then I read the article ("C'mon, Ted, pull the trigger," March 11).

I must say, I was very impressed with the logic and reasons behind the Bob Fox article. I don't think giving up a 1 and a 3 is the smart thing to do for Turner, but if you can give up the 16th overall pick only, to get Turner, that is probably a good move! Plus, if you can only give up a 3rd round pick to get Moss, you HAVE to pull the trigger on that, and put Moss in the Green and Gold THIS VERY HOUR. If you drafted Michael Turner, and Randy Moss with the 1st and 3rd picks of this year's NFL draft, how happy would you be???

This trade makes them INSTANT contenders in the NFC Norus this year, plus, doesn't really set them back too far as a whole. TT could use the remaining draft picks in the 2,4,5,6, and 7 to trade down a couple times and stockpile some meat to see if any of them can play. If you traded those 5 picks, and got 7 or 8 you are bound to hit on at least 1, probably even 2! That would make FOUR players out of this year's draft, counting Moss and Turner, that seems like you HAVE to make that deal. I mean, look at Marques Colston last year. What was he, the second to last pick in the whole draft? I say deal the 1 and 3, trade down from the 2 and 4...and get an extra 2 picks or so, and bring in Moss and Turner. Wow, what a draft that would be!!! How could you NOT make that move if it is on the table??
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Thompson has a good plan; fans should be patient
I have been a die-hard Packer fan all of my life. I grew up in Chicago and had grandparents in Wisconsin. When the team was bad, I stuck with them. During the 80's and in Chicago, I took a lot of heat. I don't ever want to see those lean years again. I have also found that Packer fans are the most loyal.

Unfortunately from the letters that I keep reading, I have found that a lot of Packer fans are ignorant. Everyone keeps crying that Ted Thompson is wasting our chances in free agency. Well, I disagree with you. I believe in building a team through the draft. That is what Ron Wolf did. You look at the roster of the Supper Bowl teams. The majority of that talent was drafted or undrafted free agents. On offense, Robert Brooks, Antonio Freeman, Dorsey Levens, Edgar Bennett, Adam Timmerman, Aaron Taylor, Mark Chmura, Ross Verba, Mike Flanagan, Marco Rivera. On defense you had Craig Newsome, Doug Evans, Wayne Simmons, Brian Williams, George Koonce, Bernardo Harris, Gabe Wilkins. The trades were Keith Jackson and Eugene Robinson. Off waivers we got Gilbert Brown. Once the nucleus was built, we did sign free agents in Reggie White, Sean Jones, and Santana Dotson. Also, there has not been a free agent like Reggie White again to go after.

In today's NFL you need to build a team and use free agency wisely. This year is not a deep free agent class. The money out there is nuts with the higher salary cap. I live down here in the Tampa area and I see what the Buccaneers are doing. They are signing anyone they can to for a quick fix to save John Gruden's butt. Once he is gone, this team is screwed for years to come. They may have the bring back the orange uniforms, because they will fit. They used to be a consistent playoff team and champion, not any more. That team was built through the draft.

Look at the teams that go out and spend big money on free agents. What have they done? I think Ted Thompson is doing the right thing and has a plan. He had overhauled the roster and added youth and talent. I believe he will continue to do so. He did the same thing in Seattle and went to the Super Bowl with his talent. His replacement had signed free agents and traded away draft picks and they have regressed. The closer you get to draft day, I believe you will then see some moves. I like Ahman Green, but for the money he received, I would not have signed him. He went for the money and he will flop in Houston. Green will not get a 1,000 yards rushing and will most likely get hurt. I am sure Ahman asked David Carr how good his offensive line is before he signed there. The Ahman Green deal is this year's Edgerrin James deal.

Last time I looked, the Colts drafted lower last year than the Packers will this year. I believe the Colts had a good season and did draft a new running back. As I recall, they made Packer fans happy by whipping the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl.

As for Randy Moss, I am the first one to be skeptical about him coming to Green Bay. But as I look at it more, I believe it would be a perfect fit. First thing is that any player in Oakland will do whatever he can to get out of there. Oakland has become what Green Bay was in the 1970s and the '80s. Second, there are only two places where Moss would fit in, Green Bay and New England. Any other team he would not work. In New England, they win, and he would play for Bill and Tom. In Green Bay, he respects Brett Favre, and would have an impact. I would not give up much to get him either. Oakland cannot afford to keep him around. I would give up at most a third round pick or maybe a second. Also he would have to re work his deal. To get him, the deal has to be right for the Packers. You do not want to give up too much. The closer you get to the draft is when a deal would be made. Maybe even after the draft. This year's draft is deep at receiver also. In my opinion I would like to see this happen. The Packers get Randy Moss. Do what we can to draft Marshawn Lynch in the first round. Continue to get draft picks and add depth at receiver, secondary, lineman, and even draft a quarterback like Wolf used to do.

Tight end, in free agency, there is nothing that great out there that is going to be much of an upgrade. I would not be surprised to see Jeremy Stevens, but I have seen enough dropped passes. The gems in the draft come in the middle rounds. Just look back at all the great teams. Give Thompson a break and let him build the team. Don't be like Mike Sherman and buy a bunch of bums and waste draft picks to end up 4-12. We made a four game improvement last season with the youngest team. This team is on the right path and I like what I see. Packer fans should to! The defense is on the verge of becoming special like in the past. You add Moss with Driver and Jennings, throw in Lynch to go with Morency, who I like. A young line with the veteran in Brett Favre, it will be exciting. The longer Rodgers sits, the better he will become and the pieces will be in place around him. He also has a great attitude. So I say to the fans, lighten up!
Bryan Krieser, bkrieser@tampabay.rr.com, Sarasota, FL

Fans owe Thompson, Packers more respect that what has been shown
Dear Packer Report,
TT, you don't spend money. Mike Sherman, you spend too much money. Some people are going to complain no matter what.

I applaud TT for not jumping in the free agency frenzy and over paying for average players. Do you people not understand there are three other options to obtaining players? A trade is still possible, the draft and June 1 cuts.

I'm pretty sure the Packers understand there are a few holes to fill and just because they did not overpay right now this minute does not mean they won't try to fill those holes via the three means I mentioned earlier. I know it's hard for some couch potato coaches and GM's with all of the answers, but just try to sit back, relax give the Packers a chance.
Terry Forseth, dtv@centurytel.net, Mazomanie, WI

Packers can get a lot of help in draft
Hi Todd,
I wanted to weigh on the potential moves still available to the Packers in free agency and the draft. By waiting things out I think that TT saved the Pack some cash on the free agents he intended to go after.

The best thing that may happen in the draft is if the Bills take Lynch and the Pack trades back with the Patriots who are rumored to be willing to give up both 1st round picks-then we grab a WR, a TE (Zach Miller) and a RB (Bush, Hunt, Irons) and work defense from there. Sounds to me like a solid young team that could make a decent run at the North title and playoff success.
Dustin, tesked80@yahoo.com, West Allis, WI

Packers fans need to let Thompson do his job
I have to laugh at all these so-called fans (Letters to the Editor, March 9) complaining about what they think is or is not happening with the Packers during the off-season, and free agency. Many complainers out there seem to think the checkbook should just be tossed around like it is nothing.

For those who have reviewed what is happening, TT is following the same path as last year (and years before that). Being that this year is nothing new, why are you "complainers" so shocked and amazed? TT has made it clear he builds a team through the draft process and uses free agents when needed. In an interview right before free agency he basically said he (and his staff) would watch, but not jump in just to do it. My opinion is that if there are key players available he would do what he thinks is right which is why he is the GM. TT would also not share his thoughts and plans with me as I do not work for the Packer organization, so I assume he is not sharing his plans with those who feel he is "just sitting and not doing anything", "working on his golf game", or "having no plan to make the team better."

For those thinking TT is holding the checkbook like it is own money, well, he should. That is what makes him responsible and acting as if he is running a business, which I recall seeing many comments that the NFL is a business. It seems that all people should act that way in the workplace, too, but I won't get into business philosophy here.

For those who enjoy big spending with no return on investment, please see the Redskins or Detroit's Matt Millen. Now, I will also concede to the fact that everyone is entitled to an opinion and maybe these individuals who only point out fault and complain are just looking to vent their frustration, but if they were experts, they would working in the NFL, not watching it on TV, like I do, another non-expert.
Matthew Struble, matthew.struble@sbcglobal.net, Naperville, IL

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