Adam Caplan chat transcript hosted NFL insider Adam Caplan for a chat on Tuesday night and he had lots of information to spread around. Caplan offered his thoughts on the Packers' free agency, the draft, the NFC North and Randy Moss. Here's an edited excerpt from the chat …

Gimpybutt: Welcome Adam
adamcaplan: hello
Packer_Report_editor: Thanks for joining us, Adam!
adamcaplan: anyway, I think the Packers needs still are: WR, TE, DT, SS, CB
Gimpybutt: You were peeking at our draft section
adamcaplan actually not
adamcaplan: I was looking at their depth chart today
Gimpybutt: I agree with you though
adamcaplan: pretty easy to see
adamcaplan: and don't discount them taking another guard on the first day

Packer_Report_editor: Who do you feel are the best free agents out there, other than franchise or transition players at those positions?
adamcaplan: Grant Wistrom, Kawika Mitchell, Ian Scott, Ed Hartwell, Ken Hamlin, Tory James
adamcaplan:> for defense
adamcaplan: Corey Dillon, Eric Moulds, Erron Kinney, Edwin Mulitalo (there are a lot of guards left). Those are the UFAs
adamcaplan: I'm kind of surprised Ian Scott hasn't signed anywhere yet.

Gimpybutt: How do you see the Packers first round pick?
adamcaplan: As for first round pick, RB, ask me a few weeks before and I may know
adamcaplan: RB is their greatest need
adamcaplan: then the others I listed above
Packer_Report_editor: Do you think the Packers would take Kenny Irons in the first round?
adamcaplan: He should be there when they pick, his Senior Bowl week wasn't that good.
adamcaplan: Not sure if he's a starter at the NFL level.
Gimpybutt: More of a 3rd rounder?
adamcaplan: Irons goes probably 25-32
adamcaplan: Irons should go first round

Packer_Report_editor: Do you feel Randy Moss will wind up in Green Bay?
adamcaplan: I'd say 40% chance before the draft.
Packer_Report_editor: Do you think Oakland will release Moss for cap room?
adamcaplan: They have to work out his contract which is way too much to take at this point. Probably would need to be cut in half.
adamcaplan: No way they cut Moss.
adamcaplan: Not after what they gave up to get him.
adamcaplan: Would make no sense.
Packer_Report_editor: Didn't think, so.:)
adamcaplan: Then again, it's the Raiders.
adamcaplan: Who drafted a kicker in the first round

Packer_Report_editor: Any bottom-feeder free agents out there who are ready to make an impact, but need a chance?
adamcaplan: You can look at my updated free agents list article
adamcaplan: from today
adamcaplan: I added about 50 players
adamcaplan: that were cut last season
adamcaplan: but it's the slow part of free agency now
adamcaplan: teams are looking more toward the draft.

Packer_Report_editor: Which 3 teams have had the best free agency, and which three the worst?
Packer_Report_editor: And, do you think free agency will have more talent next year?
adamcaplan: Best: NE, CLE, SF
adamcaplan: Worst: CAR, CHI, MIN
adamcaplan: Too early to speculate on next year
adamcaplan: If I were the Packers, I'd say good bye to Robert Ferguson
Gimpybutt: Agree on Ferguson
adamcaplan: has regressed in recent seasons
Packer_Report_editor: Ferguson definitely will be gone if they trade for Moss
adamcaplan: He should be gone regardless if they do the trade or not
adamcaplan: he can't play

adamcaplan: and is constantly hurt
adamcaplan: and his latest injury is serious

Packer_Report_editor: What are your thoughts on Kevin Barlow?
adamcaplan: Rotational RB basically

Packer_Report_editor: What is your unbiased opinion on how the Packers will do in 2007?
adamcaplan: Let's see how the draft goes but as of now, probably much like last season. Jennings has to get healthy, he really looked good early on before the high ankle sprain
adamcaplan: defensively, the coverage has to be better
adamcaplan: safety play was terrible
adamcaplan: But I think overall, they are on the right track
Packer_Report_editor: Is Marquand Manuel stealing from the Packers?
adamcaplan: He isn't earning his money just yet
adamcaplan: Woodson never should have been signed
adamcaplan Jenkins was a great story
Packer_Report_editor: Woodson had eight picks and finished strong. Fans like him.
adamcaplan: Woodson isn't even close to the player he once was

Packer_Report_editor: Are the Bears still the team to beat in the NFC North?
adamcaplan: Still, yes. But the gap could close if GB gets more help from the draft and other areas.
adamcaplan: Getting Moss would be huge
adamcaplan: Could you imagine him and Driver and Jennings as the #3 WR?
adamcaplan: Wow.
Packer_Report_editor: Quite a trio!

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