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Packers continue to offer their thoughts - pro and con - on Randy Moss

Most fans want Packers to trade for Moss
I think this trade would not only be good for the Packers as it would make them an instant playoff contender, but it would also be great for the NFL in general.

Think about the Johnny Damon signing by the Yankees. Damon was "Mr. Red Sox" and when he went to the Yankees, it made for truly EXCITING baseball. This is the kind of stuff that fans LIVE for. Ted Thompson himself even said that he used to always imagine things like this happening when he was watching baseball as well, a team icon winding up on their rival team's roster.

The majority of Packer fans want the Randy Moss trade to happen. It's just that more anti-Moss trade fans called Bob Harlan early on, but recently the pro-Moss fans have been calling in and evening that out, but if you look at online polls and things like that, most Packers fans OVERWHELMINGLY want Moss to be a Packer. Fans that realize that our best shot at winning a Super Bowl in the near future with Brett Favre at the helm are mostly all in favor of this trade and would have no problem trading Rodgers to acquire him, as Rodgers has done nothing to show he has the potential to be great thus far. I think he's easily replaceable. On the other hand, like Ron Wolf said at Fan Fest, "players like Randy Moss aren't just walking around on the streets." If we have a chance at Moss, we need to go get him!

It would make Packers football and NFL football all the more EXCITING!!
Jay, jayjuke@hotmail.com, Green Bay, WI

Sydney on target regarding Moss
I very much enjoy reading your take on various subjects - Packer related. While I may not always agree with all of your points, concerning the Pack Fans vs. Randy Moss, I think you are right on target.

I firmly believe that the Pack should be very interested in Randy Moss for the following reasons:

1. They have a big need at receiver. They need a starting receiver and a starting back to help out the offense this year (that means now). I believe you should get one by free agency and the other by the draft: ie, Corey Dillon and Ted Ginn, Jr. or Marshawn Lynch and Randy Moss.

2. Brett needs a guy who can just go get the ball and run routes other than Donald. He can only throw so many perfect passes to well covered guys to keep the chains moving. There is an offensive domino effect that Moss can have to free up runners and receivers alike.

3. Tipping the balance in the NFC is not going to take much.

4. Even if Randy is not as explosive or as impressive as you would like, you always have to account for him (and if he is impressive then 2 guys will have to account for him. Witness the playoff performances of Harrison and Wayne for the Colts, not impressive, but lots of defenders accounting for them and freeing up other parts of the offense.

5. Come on!! Throw Brett a bone!

6. All Pack fans should remember that Moss did a "fake" moon and not a real one (he is a little slight for it to have been a "full" moon). Oh, by the way, he did that after he had just torched us again deep for the umpteenth time.

I would hate to trade Aaron Rodgers away at this point. All information suggests that he is building himself up and doing the things he needs to do to be effective in this league (although I wish he could play more in mop up time), but I would give up a second rounder to get him if need be.

Pack Fan in Indy hoping that a "stationary stone can gather the Moss."
Tom Nash, thomas.nash@gm.com, Indianapolis, IN

Too many doubts that Moss trade can help Packers
I have read a lot in the news about the Randy Moss thing and I felt that I needed to put my two cents in on the subject, so here we go . First of all, TT said he wanted to keep Green, a proven plus to the team and to the locker room, but he didn't manage to get that done. He wanted to keep David Martin he couldn't get that done.

Both players have a lot of class and would have really helped get the team back to where we all want it to be. I know that the final choice is up to the top brass, and Randy might give Brett the deep target he would like, but Randy has shown in the past that he is a no class, me-first type of player, and I know that if I was in the stands and he if tried to do a Lambeau Leap I would push him back on the field.

But I know that the higher ups will do their homework and make the right choice. If they feel that Randy can clean up his act and really help the team, maybe it could work out. But I don't think he can do that.

So I think with Driver, Jennings, Ruvell Martin, Francies and Koren Robinson (maybe) that they should pass on Moss and move on.
John, a1cheesehead@aol.com, Fulton, NY

Favre can be positive influence on Moss
Dear Todd,
I have been a Packer fan since I could look at a TV. I have not been the biggest Randy Moss fan in the past years, but why wouldn't you want him on your team? The Packers are led by Brett Favre and will be until his retirement. It's not like he is going to come to Titletown and run the show. Maybe that's what Moss needs is a positive influence like Favre.

The Packers need to do something to improve the team and Moss will help in many aspects. He's a deep threat that will help Driver get open more often and that will lead to a more effective running game. If you are truly a Packer fan you would support the team's efforts to get better instead of questioning its integrity. Packer fans need to be more supportive and open-minded to the options of having a successful football team. People change if you believe in them, but they don't if you keep doubting them.
Jesse Bebow, bebow515@yahoo.com , Fond du Lac, WI

Bring on Moss … for the right price
It may seem strange that a guy in NH would be a life-long Packer fan, but maybe not. Anyway, I agree with you 100%. If Randy Moss can become a Packer for a "reasonable price" (whatever that is) we should definitely sign him up!!!

Thank you for the great insight.
Craig A. Francisco, caf@bedforddesign.com, Manchester, NH

Sydney is right, bring on Moss!
Thanks so much for being a voice for what I think (hope) is the majority of Packer fans in that we want to GET BETTER and WIN GAMES. Like you I have been baffled by what is going on here this off-season. I just thought the idea was to do all you can to improve your team and give it the best chance to win all its games, especially when you have HUGE cap space!!

I guess all of these other GM's are total idiots and the Packers will just "be better" by building inside out. That is great in concept and may work in a couple years, but I thought the NFL was now a league where you better do all you can to improve every year or get left behind. The Moss thing with the fans is a joke. Hypocrites. Get him in here, give him a chance. Thanks so much for telling it like it is, keep on keeping on. I would LOVE to sit down and talk football with you sometime, so much I would love to learn about the NFL game.
Jeff Dummer, frameshop@kearney.net, Kearney, NE

Trading for Moss makes sense for Packers
Hi Todd,
Hello fellow Packer fans. I have to say, I was very proud to be a fan of America's greatest pro football team when I read this last round of letters to the Editor (March 16, PackerReport.com). Specifically, on the Randy Moss topic. I think even some who were against the idea before are starting to agree that he can help our team.

There will always be two sides to everything and for those with their reasons for not wanting Moss, I respect that. I, too, take pride in the history and dignity that our team has carried itself with over the years. I don't think Moss will be a deterrent. He has a great respect for Brett Favre and has to be excited about a QB with Favre's style and mentality. He will surely get the touches and if he doesn't, Driver, Jennings and Co. will and we will be our way back to the post-season.

I'm hoping that we're over the "mooning" incident. Please recall that, for obvious reasons, he didn't actually perform the act. Also, remember that he did it because our own beloved fans actually have been known to moon the opposing team's bus after a Packer victory. Wouldn't you want some payback if you had to see that time and time again? He is a competitor and that was a playoff game. Cut him some slack, please?

Lastly, not a true apples to apples comparison, but let's not forget that last year, we signed Koren Robinson and he played well for us when he did play. He got in at wideout and was very Antonio Freeman like with his smarts and ability. He had a "history" and "baggage" that came with him. And remember way back to '96 and the Super Bowl year when we brought in Andre "Bad Moon" Rison for the last part of the season and he ended up being a catalyst in the playoff run and catching a touchdown, THE touchdown catch, in Super Bowl XXXI. It can be, and I believe, would be a good thing if we made the trade for Randy Moss.
Jason, jasonperone@yahoo.com, Chandler, AZ

Moss a cancer in the locker room
Terrell Owens just ruined Dallas and got Bill Parcells to retire. I feel the same thing will happen here, except Moss will ruin the true talent we have in our young players. One virus can shut you down for a long time.

I do say trade KGB to somebody for some decent draft picks. We already replaced him in my opinion and all he can do is pass rush. He costs too much money.

I do beleive TT is on the right path for the future of the Pack. Stay the course, do not change.
Brian Walker, brian1234@centurytel.net, Kingston, WI

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