Sherman Sez

Here's what Packer GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman had to say about his team's season-opening overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons at Lambeau Field.<p>

On his feelings after the game: "First off I want to say that the Atlanta Falcons played an excellent game, they were very well coached. Michael Vick has lived up to his expectations. He gets a Pro Bowl vote from me. He did everything he had to do when he had to do it; with his feet, with his arm, with his capability. I thought he played a whale of a ball game. I certainly think our quarterback did as well."

On the team's performance: "A game like this where you can battle back in the situation we were in, it was hot out there and guys were getting fatigued, tired, cramped and hurt. They were able to hang in there and battle back. I'm proud of the football team."

On the defense: "There's things we need to work on, there's no doubt about that. Our defense gave up way too many rushing yards and it wasn't just Michael Vick's feet. Warrick Dunn was making guys miss, (T.J.) Duckett, and the rest of their offense. They did a great job against our defense."

On the receivers: "They stepped up where the questions were, and they did a lot. I was probably most proud of them."

On Javon Walker's performance: "He's an unusual rookie. He's well beyond his years, and that's why we moved up to get him at 20. It's what I said a long time ago. I thought he was a top 10 pick and to get him at 20, I thought it was worth it because of his maturity level that he showed me in a one-on-one meeting we had. He's a young man that loves being a Green Bay Packer and loves playing here in Green Bay.

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