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Packers fans offer their opinions on the draft, Rodgers, and Moss

College prospects the Packers should consider selecting in draft
Tell Ted Thompson to look at CB Marcus McCauley from Fresno State. He is big and fast. Also, sleeper CB's Courtney Brown from San Luis Obispo in California and Eric Wright from UNLV. At safety they might have a shot at Mike Griffin from Texas. The Packers need WR's like Sidney Rice from South Carolina and speedsters David Clowney and Yamon Figures, who can double up as punt and KO returners. Figures was the fastest guy at the Combine. A RB I like Chris Henry from Arizona who is 6-foot, 230 pounds and ran a 4.4 40 yd dash. This guy is a sleeper back.

WE NEED players like these to go to the next level. WE DON'T NEED RANDY MOSS, A SELFISH CANCER. PLEASE check these guys out and tell TT for me. Don't assume that he already knows.
Louie Markos, louismarkos@comcast.net, Boston, MA

Moss is not worth the trouble for the Packers
I read the letters (March 23, PackerReport.com) with total dismay. Are you sure all those pro-Moss letters come from true Packer fans? One of them called him Randy. How come no other team is interested in him? How can anyone say Moss will make the Packers an instant playoff contenders? He made the Raiders contenders for the No. 1 pick overall in the April draft. Why is he not wanted in Oakland? Can anyone answer that? I smell a rat here, and I believe that Cancer will end up with the Pack and destroy the team.

I am glad that Mr. TT did not sign any free agents. Stick with the draft. Look at the ludicrous contracts given to players that are over the hill. As trades are concerned can anyone explain to me the Houston-Atlanta transaction? Atlanta is laughing for this April and April 2008. Maybe Mr. Sherman put in his two wooden cents worth.
Peter Stoyanovski, cadiekid@yahoo.ca, Pickering Canada

Miree's the man at fullback for Packers
Hey, John,
I just read your article (blog) on your "Packer Notes" that you wrote on PackerReport.com. I just had a thought on the Terrelle Smith thing, you hit on the fact that Smith chose the Cardinals over the Green and Gold because of "personal preference" mainly, if I read your talking points correctly. However, you mentioned a key sentence in there that I found interesting. You stated, "He felt his situation was better in Arizona." From my understanding, that kind of seems as though he feels Brandon Miree has this job locked down, more than anything. He maybe feels as though the other three guys in AZ are much more easily pushed aside for him to walk in, as if he feels he couldn't compete with Miree maybe???

I know that it is only one guy, compared to the three guys in AZ, but maybe he knows a little something on Miree? Perhaps it isn't a reflection on the Packers at all, other than the fact that he feels they have their next FB on the roster already? Other than that, I enjoyed your article, and reading your notes is always fun to see what you observe over the same time we see things unfold. Please, keep up the good work! Great article!
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Criticisms of Rodgers are premature and unfair
Maybe you should read other sportswriters columns more often, or more of them. If you think there has been little or no criticism of Aaron Rodgers since he was drafted by the Packers (and even when he still played for Cal), you haven't been paying much attention.

I have copied, read and saved dozens of articles that have gone from being mildly critical of Aaron Rodgers to downright unfair! One writer from Wisconsin last year said it was likely one of three top quarterbacks coming out of college would be picked by Green Bay to replace Aaron. He even had a "panel of 18 experts" who he claimed all agreed with him that all three of those college quarterbacks were "substantially better than Rodgers."

When I disagreed with this particular writer, he got sarcastic and said, "I have not seen enough of Rodgers to know much of anything about him. Neither have you." Then he tried to justify the poll his panel of 18 experts had taken of Rodgers and other available QB's by saying, "The poll was taken in completely unbiased fashion. Rodgers finished a distant fourth to the three in this draft. The people who voted on that poll know a hell of a lot more about it than you and I."

That's his opinion, of course. I strongly disagreed with him, saying, "As a matter of fact, I've seen Rodgers play in dozens of college games. He hasn't had a decent chance to show anyone anything in the NFL, and neither have all those "substantially better than Rodgers" QBs that are available in this year's draft, so a comparison is pointless and you know it."

I finished by telling him, "Your information on Rodgers was based on a few so-called "experts" opinions. Those "experts" you mentioned are proven wrong again and again, year after year. There are also experts who disagree with your experts! Do some of your own research instead of listening to biased idiots who are just trying to stir up the fans. If you're capable of such a thing, that is."

I have saved articles where the writers attack and tear down Rodgers much worse than this fellow did, and I've let them all know how unfair and unreasonable they were! Rarely did any of them reply or agree with me. The attacks and criticism against Aaron Rodgers, his college coach Jeff Tedford and many other QB's who Tedford has sent to the NFL are numerous. Like I said, if you haven't seen this, you obviously haven't been reading enough articles and columns by other sports writers!
Fred Mueller, fredanddeb@citlink.net, Kingman, AZ

Why not take a chance on David Carr?
Just a thought here how crazy it may seem, but maybe the Packers should give David Carr a shot! It's not because Carr is bad, just bad coaching. He can learn to manage a game just like Brett! After all, Ron Wolf took a shot at Brett, with a BIG push from Holmgren and look what happened!

I think T.T. needs to wake up from his sleep, and get moving, unless of course, he goes big in the draft. Which can be also a risk, but that's the business.

They say all over the place that Randy Moss would be good for Brett. In a poll taken by the fans around the NFL, 77% for the move, 23% against the move. Like I said before, set the same conditions with Moss that were given to Robinson. Let's be honest, the Packers need lots of help. Using tight ends as blockers turned out to be a mistake. Some of the reasons for dropped balls, good trick move but not blockers. I sure hope within the next few weeks something will happen. So far the Packers have done nothing! What does that tell us? Simple, T.T. and Company are hoping to make a huge splash when it's draft time, I'm hoping. Should be interesting!!!!!!!!
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

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