McCarthy on Packers' off-season

Coach addresses team's inactivity in free agency period thus far, opportunity for younger players

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with reporters this week at the NFL Owners Meetings in Phoenix, Ariz.

The Packers entered free agency nearly $23 million under the NFL's salary cap of $109 million, but have been very quiet in pursuing free agents. The Packers signed cornerback Frank Walker (Giants) and pursued fullbacks Justin Griffith and Terrelle Smith, but both signed with other teams.

McCarthy addressed a number of issues during a breakfast session, but here are his takes on Green Bay's inactivity during the free agency period thus far:

Q: Ted doesn't want to stunt the growth of your young guys by adding FAs, or at least that's his story and he's sticking to it. Was that your free-agency mentality?
Mike McCarthy:
I think it's definitely a factor that goes into your plan for free agency. But there's other factors in that. It's whoever you have at whatever position you're talking about, too. I think it's important in free agency to make sure you get individuals that fit. That's the most important thing. And just with some of the players that we had come through, and a couple guys I coached that I'm very fond of personally, because you have value and you have fit and you have a guy that's already here, too. So you have to factor all that in. Because one thing, too, is, what's going on with our football team is we're creating opportunity for individuals that are in the program and are going about it the right way. So with that I have a lot of optimism and a very positive outlook on our future.

Q: They don't give out trophies in March, but is it hard to sit on the sideline?
"Are we keeping score? It's March. There's no scoreboard in March, is there? We are (working on it). It's not like we're going home at noon, you know? If you saw me play golf the other day, you'd know I've been working. I got off the tee all right though."

Q: You need more playmakers, is that fair to say?
"You always, when you're calling plays, you never have enough of them, so you're probably asking the wrong guy because you want playmakers across the board. But once again, we've got some young guys that we may have some playmakers there (already) that we just haven't given an opportunity to. You talk about (Shaun) Bodiford, (Vernand) Morency, P.J. Pope, they did an outstanding job on the development squad, and Arliss Beach. You talk about a guy that was having a hell of a training camp. I look at the tight end group, you've got some playmaking body types there. Tory Humphrey needs an opportunity. Donald Lee needs more opportunities. I'm hopefuly those guys are here. But you never have enough. You go through that draft board, if you have a guy that has that playmaking ability, you'd love to add him to your football team."

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