Sydney Speaks! No one else to blame!'s Harry Sydney firmly believes that the Green Bay Packers should have been a lot more active during the early part of free agency. Sydney explains why this lack of aggressiveness in pursuing players who can contribute will hurt the Packers in the long run.

With March having come and gone, some of the Packer faithful are happy with what has happened thus far in free agency and others, like me, are left just wondering what could have been. There are those that believe that Ted Thompson has done the right thing by holding onto the money that has been allotted to spend on players to help improve this team, and you know how I think.

Like Ted, some have convinced themselves that there isn't anyone out there that is worth the money, except for the corner they signed to be the third corner. Remember that splash? They got Frank Walker, and you can never have too many backups. That's what depth is all about.

I don't know if I can deal with all the excitement. I just might have lost it if they would have signed fullback Justin Griffith to compete with Brandon Miree for the starting job. Like that really would have solved any problems, or filled glaring needs.

I am getting frustrated with the lack of movement and all the coach talk. If you don't know what that is, let me explain it to you. That's when Mike McCarthy starts to sound like a broken record, and starts to repeat himself over and over. He says nothing but thinks he is, or he starts to talk about things to distract you from something else and he's becoming good at smoke screens. It's when he has an interview and talks for minutes and it's a serious question and answer session and when it's over you start to scratch your head and then ask yourself what just happened. Unfortunately Mike and Ted Thompson are becoming the master at these types of statements - those that say everything and nothing at the same time.

How many times have you heard, ‘We have to stay on task,' or that ‘they are on pace with their plan.' My question is: What plan is that? Is their plan to improve this team or to go down with the ship? I do understand having a plan, but what are they basing their plan on, and who?

So far I see Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy banking this Packer team's future at this time on a bunch of unproven and unrealized talent. If they are saying that they haven't been in the market to sign other free agents because the guys that they have on the roster right now "MIGHT" be able to play I would agree with that because they all can play, but the question is at what level? My question to the both of them would be, as the leaders of this organization on the football side, do they want to win or just play, because if they are counting on some of these guys to all of a sudden become better than they are, just how dangerous is that?

Let's look at some of the players that Mike McCarthy has mentioned in other articles. He is a good coach, and I will give him that, but one of the faults of young coaches is often times they think because they have that hunger, drive and knowledge they can make a player better than he really is.

Let's look at the tight end position, for example. When the Packers re-signed Tory Humphrey, one of the things that Mike McCarthy said was that he believes that he can be a big play threat. My question is what happened in this past year that would make Mike McCarthy believe this guy is the answer when Tory didn't catch one pass? Did I miss something?

Now we have the Robert Ferguson. Mike McCarthy, for some reason, thinks that because Robert is going to change his number and now where number 87 that the results will be different. He will show the same alligator arms that we all have seen over the years. What that means is that when the ball is coming, and he might get hit, he will protect himself first and will not lay himself out there.

Mike McCarthy has to understand that guys all of a sudden don't just change their makeup. In the words of ex-Cardinals coach Denny Green, "they are what we knew they were." Robert Ferguson is a coach killer and has been since he has been with the Green Bay Packers. He can never say he didn't have his opportunity because he did. He didn't make the best of it and let it slip through his fingers. I just hope that the reason the Randy Moss trade hasn't happened has nothing to do with Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy thinking that Robert Ferguson is the missing link because he isn't and will never be.

So, like many of you, I'm just sitting back and waiting and watching. I stopped hoping when I saw players that could help this team get signed by other teams. Besides that I don't like the other train of thought. You know the one I'm talking about, the one that happens in June. That's when teams cut the other free agents that are too costly and everyone picks the best of the rest that that team doesn't want. Ask yourself how well will that work for the Packers, especially when all Mike McCarthy talks about is giving the young guys on the team all the opportunity to make this team. What will change between now and then? The only thing that will happen between now and then is the draft, but as I see it, if having millions of dollars under the salary cap doesn't affect bringing in quality players, nothing else will. Pretty soon it will be too late to do anything to fix what is broken because there will be too many holes to plug up. If this happens there will be NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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