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Post of the Day

The "Post of the Day" for Monday, Sept. 9 goes to duluthpackerfan for insightful perspective on Michael Vick and the Packers' defensive game plan (or lack thereof):<p>

duluthpackerfan wrote:

"I know a lot of you are down of the defense, but I think a lot of it had to do with Vick. I know I was surprised at what he could do, and it looked like the Pack was too.

"This guy only ran 5 times (or so) in preseason. His % complete was 50%. The he comes out and completes like his first 12 passes.

"I think we had no game plan for that guy whatsoever. The defense was totally confused, which is why guys were so wide open. I attribute it to coaching, not execution.

"If there's good news in this, here it is ...

"Vick, McNabb, McMahon, McNair & Culpepper (I'm probably forgetting a couple) are all of the same mold. Of those, Vick is by far the fastest, and has the best running back type skills. He also has the least command of a complex offensive system, which is why he tucked the ball and took off as often as he did."

"The good news is that we've already now faced the most dangerous running QB in the league, and survived."

"The coaching staff made some adjustments at half time, and the defense improved. They will be able to use the film from this game (how not to do it) to plan for the other running QB's we'll face (along with film from those other teams).

"We had no film on this guy, and we were caught with our pants down, and we came out with a win. "Just Win Baby!!" "A win is a win". Now bring on Aaron Brooks! Whoops, here we go again."

A tip of the cap also goes to queensvillagecheesehead for checking in from "somewhere in indiana" to relate his 1,200-mile pilgrimage to Lambeau Field and to MrCheezeHead for soliciting great game analysis from board veterans.

Thanks goes to everyone Packer Report Fan Talk -- keep writing and check this space tomorrow for another Post of the Day selection.

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