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Packers fans sound off on team and offer suggestions for improvement

Packers should cut KGB before dumping Ferguson
I am new to the Packer Report, so maybe I am a little too new to voice an opinion, but I have got to say that, reading between the lines, dumping Ferguson for a 7th, if anything, is outrageous. First of all, if there was a salary to be dumped it would easily be KGB. Out of everyone on the squad his salary is ridiculous. Second, TT doesn't seem willing to spend any money and he still has to get up to 80% minimum, so the cap is not an issue.

Most importantly we have no RB on board, so the odds of us selecting a No. 1 WR is slim to none, unless there is a run prior to our pick on TE's and RB's, and that seems unlikely at this point. In all honesty I would love to hear more from you on TT and what he's thinking and how he plans on using the cap. I know he's tight-lipped, but I think the Packer faithfuls are confused. Anyways, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your next article.
Dan Scott, dsc0tt107@yahoo.com, East Peoria, IL (born and raised in Milwaukee)

Offense still needs more firepower
Three things that the offense definitely needs is a supporting cast. Randy Moss is a definite plus. He'll need some personal mentoring, but Edgar and Leroy will be able to handle the job. I heard also that GB is looking at T.O. That is fine, he'll be a plus, barring again his personal attitude.

GB will need a RB work horse or tandem that puts up 1,750 total yards with the ability to catch the screens and run the sweep. GB has a history of tandems that have led the QB to the promised land: Hornung/Taylor; John B/ MacArthur L., and most recently Edgar/Dorsey. Unless you put together the complete offensive package, forget about the retirement party under the Lombardi trophy.

As far as A. Rodgers, he is quite comparable to R. White. Adequate at best. I concur with recent writings on Carr. What Brett needs is a seasoned QB with a strategic mind to give knowledge to his own game. He had that with Ty Detmer, whose physical capacity was, at best, suspect. Ty knew how to win.

Forget about for the time being the QB for 2008. The iron is hot for 2007. It is time to strike and reel in that next ring. In February 2008, the mighty Casey will go back to Kiln for good.

Lastly, thanks to the Old Guard, no pun intended, for sticking up on the support of the NFL vets. Kudos to J. Kramer, Willie Davis and others for putting this initiative together. This last initiative speaks Green Bay: Fielding good players to become Great Men.
Jeffrey B. Fuge, flyfisherfuge@yahoo.com, Lindstrom, MN

Why not consider dealing for Michael Turner?
I'd hate to play poker against TT. He's either got brass (nerves) or the guy is just down right crazy. GB losses Ahman Green to free agency, leaving a stable of RBs that are almost completely unproven in the NFL as starting RBs. The number of top-tier RBs in the draft is very limited by most NFL experts (A. Peterson and M. Lynch).

It's nearly a given that Peterson will be gone by the 16th pick and it wouldn't be surprising if Buffalo selected Lynch at the 12th spot. TT has done virtually nothing in free agency this off-season to upgrade the team, yet he sits on 20-plus million bucks.

Why not at least get another back signed as insurance prior to the draft in case Lynch is gone? Seems like it wasn't long ago that we had a bunch of RBs go on I.R. and we had to find street-free agent Samkon Gado to tote the rock as a last resort. Dr. Samkon was a true diamond in the rough. Chris Brown isn't going to cost you much and why we don't at least kick the tires with Michael Turner is a bit surprising. Stockpiling all of those 5th, 6th, and 7th draft picks is nice, but you can only keep 52 of them. Come on Mr T, give Brett something to work with.
Scott, smihalovic@charter.net, La Crosse, WI

Trade for Turner now, select tight end in draft
I think the Packers should trade their 1st round pick for Turner before even considering drafting Lynch and then pickup Ben Patrick TE in the second round, if he's still available.
Jay,gbpack923@sbcglobal.net, Mishawaka, IN

Patience, patience, patience
Most fans are reacting to TT like we have a game this Sunday. The regular season is 6 months away. On Michael Turner, read the San Diego blogs on how their GM is going to stick it to us. We cannot afford to rebuild this team with fatal flaws in player acquisitions. We cannot afford to rebuild this team with fatal salary cap flaws. Too many of us forget that Sherman ruined this team from both a player and a salary cap standpoint. I do not want to see us with either problem. Here is my take on what we should do:

Use the draft as my next source of player acquisitions to rebuild this team. This could be an interesting draft as both Michael Turner and Randy Moss could become Packers on draft day. Right or wrong we will either aquire players or draft. And because of our inactivity we can take cornerbacks, receivers, TE's or running backs.

We still have five months to go to fill in the blanks from one of the most powerful salary cap positions in the NFL. Just imagine all the players cut and released in the next five months after the draft.

So, patience, patience, patience.
Dan Madigan, dmadigan@new.rr.com, Green Bay, WI

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