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Post of the Day goes to Packrz02 for an in-depth breakdown of the Pack defense's outlook vs. the Saints.<p>

A nod goes to Pack83 for a quip about Ahman Green's new "absorbent" anti-fumble jersey and a welcome to new poster waybackpackerbacker.

Packrz02 writes:

"Most of the DL for the Packers were pretty spent by the end of the game. Three reasons for that:

1. Field temp was over 110F.

2. Chasing Vick all over the place.

3. Still getting in condition.

"They often spell Johnson with KGB. Sometimes moving Johnson to the DT spot and sometimes pulling him out to spell him. Late in regulation Donatell went to a very soft prevent and stacked up on DB's and pass rushers so Johnson would not be a part of that package unless they put him on the right side and pull Holliday.

"I may be wrong but my sense of the Saints Offense is more of a Pocket Passing vs Roll Out. Granted they will roll out on occassion but it seems Vick can do little else. It makes sense because he is shorter. Being taller Brooks is more of a pocket passer. The Packers Defense is much better against that scheme. When Gibert Brown is in, he does a great job of jamming up the middle and sometimes pushing 2-3 guys into the backfield. He has to be at least double-teamed most of the time.

"Johnson has been very effective at sealing off his side and getting a push upfield. Holliday is better at persuing laterally. KGB is a pass rushing specialist but has made a major step up in Run Defense. All of this allows for situational and breather substitutions.

"To be honest I don't know how TB match's up against GB on pass rush but I do know that they enjoyed some success in pre-season and actually did a good job against Atlanta but ended up over-persuing Vick. They were doing what they were supposed to most of the time but Vick just ended up running around, away from and through them. I think Brown and Hunt may be better collectively than Sapp and McFarland and GB's whole DL is better collectively whereas TB has better LB's.

"As far as CB's none is better than McKenzie but Ty Williams can be vulnerable. Niether Safety had a very good game last week. I expect you will see McKenzie blitz from the corner early to let Brooks know he is there and make him think about it. McKenzie can bring a load when he hits people and is very good at open field tackles. Don't expect the Saints to try much to that side and consequently I think you'll see most of the blitzing come from over there. Since that is not Brooks blind side he should be able to dump off or throw away if hurried."

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