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Fans air out their thoughts on 'aging' Packers and draft

Lawrence on the mark with ‘aging' Packers column
The article Steve Lawrence just wrote titled something like, "When is a Young Team Too Old? " should probably be given an award. In all honesty, it's probably one of the better articles I've seen this off-season on the website. I'm rather impressed with the facts he brought up, and the way he presented his findings. It was an issue that most people probably didn't think about given all of the optimism huddled around the club; and more than anything, it went to show just how disgustingly bad Sherman's drafts were.

Of the last two drafts that TT has been in charge ... how many will be on the team after this coming season? Probably around 10 or so? I mean, wow. Two seasons of a draft, and somewhere around five players per draft. Sherman had five in about just as many years! I wanted to throw up after reading the article due to the putrid smell I realized was in the air coming all the way from down in Houston right now.

Great article for Steve there, if nobody else gives him an award for that one, I shall here by designate it with a "Golden Wagon" award. Well done Steve!
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

If Lynch is not available, who will Packers select?
I just received my latest issue of Packer Report. Thanks for your editorial giving everyone an update on the Koren Robinson situation (saved me another email). However, with the suspensions handed down by the new Commissioner, I was wondering if there is any news on what he might do in regards to Koren Robinson if any?

Also, with Buffalo trading McGahee to Baltimore, there is talk that the Bills are taking a hard look at Marshawn Lynch as well, and they pick before us. If Buffalo takes Lynch, who else is TT looking at in the 1st round?
Peter Schwind, petey@bright.net, Tipp City, OH

Robinson is down to his final strike. If he messes up after this suspension, he will be booted from the NFL. Tough to say on who Thompson will select if Lynch is not available in the first round. TT isn't about to let hardly anyone in on that. Only a guess at this point, but I could see him picking a CB, S or TE. All depends on how they have the players rated on their draft board.

Todd Korth

Enjoyed Lombardi's insight in magazine article
Hi John,
I have never e-mailed anyone before (from a magazine), but I felt I had to after reading your draft article in the April Packer Report. It was fantastic!! It was very informative and interesting.

I am 48 and have been a Packer fan all 48 years, but I have always been kind of a draft "junkie". I always pick players for my own mock draft … all seven rounds. I find the whole process very intriguing.

You worked for Cleveland and Tennessee and I was curious if you ever had the opportunity to work for the Packers scouting dept.?

In the first round I think the Pack should take either Marshawn Lynch or Reggie Nelson. In round two…I am hoping Zach Miller from Arizona State is available. In round three I think a wide receiver would make sense, or possibly a tackle to backup Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher --- maybe Doug Free from Northern Illinois.

I always wanted to know … how crazy is it when you are on the clock and teams are calling about trades??? How hard is it to make quick decisions at that point? I wish I could be the "fly on the wall" once. It would be very interesting. Thank you for your time, and once again I enjoyed your article.
Jeff Vahl, jvahl@midwestsign.com, Wauwatosa, WI

PackerReport.com, fans too critical of Ted Thompson
TT brought with him a successful strategy when coming to GB - build a Super Bowl team through the draft and supplement through free agency. When said, many fans seem to agree, however, many PackerReport.com articles/Letter to the Editor are recommending that TT "consider" far too many free agents, (eg. Turner, Moss, Doss, Wilkerson, Brown - to name a few).

Sure, there are plenty of players who COULD help the team. In free agency, historically COULD help has never equaled WILL help. While it is sexy to land a few names in free agency, TT is right to wait for the correct player at a reasonable price, if they arise. With some of the outrageous contracts that have been signed this year by mediocre players (Clements and Graham come to mind), my guess is that maybe 20% of them live up to there value. With these odds, TT is right to sit on the sideline.

If I wanted to cheer for a team that made me happy in the off-season, only to make me suffer during the regular season, I'd move to Washington D.C.
Jon Read, jread81@hotmail.com, Westminster, CO

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