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Wednesday's Post of the Day winner is Tarl Oz for some common sense talk about the defense. We'd also like to welcome first-time poster VegasCheese to the board!<p>

Tarl Oz writes:

"I'm sure they will be spending some time putting in an alternative defense that will incorporate a 5th DB that will have LB like responsibilities and "Spy" on the QB.Marques Anderson seems like a natural in that role. But don't expect to see it unless the Packers start getting chooled like they did on Sunday, which I expect to not happen again this season. We have to remember that the Packers use larger DLs & LBs because they do better outdoor in the wintertime. Certainly 100 degrees & humid is not the best clime for these guys and it showed especially in the older guys..Brown, Nickerson & Johnson....I still think Nickerson will be the guy we will want down the stretch not neccessarily because he's the quickest & most talented but because he understands the MLB position the best. This is still a top notch unt & we shouldn't throw out the blueprints because they didn't perform well in extreme conditions verses a phenom like Vick whose talent was at this point a surprise to Packer coaches."

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