Sydney Speaks! Draft day dilemma's Harry Sydney assesses general manager Ted Thompson's options with Green Bay's first selection of the NFL draft, and offers his thoughts on which player Thompson should select.

With the draft right around the corner things are really starting to get serious. There have been talks most of the off-season about the possibility of a Randy Moss trade. If that is going to happen, things will be starting to shake out very soon. But if that is going to happen what will the cost be?

I like to call Ted Thompson ‘Trader Ted' when it comes to the draft. He has been known to wheel and deal and usually it has been a good thing for the Packers, but I'm just not sure what his mindset will be this year. In order to make trades you have to have someone willing to do the same thing, or want someone so bad they are willing to give Ted what he wants, but this draft just might be different and here's why:

As been reported this draft has a lot of good players, but not many great players and unfortunately with the Packers drafting at 16th they will be at the end of the great picks, so what do they do? Ted likes to have a bunch of picks, so does he move out of the first round and trade that pick away to get more selections in the second or third rounds, or even more second-day picks? There are so many variables that could force his hand. If I was the general manager, I would force mine.

There is only one person that would make me move up in the draft, and that would be Adrian Peterson. I would give up my number one and whatever to get him to put on the green and gold of the Green Bay Packers. If that team needs more incentive I would even dangle Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, or Robert Ferguson. Then again, when it comes to the Randy Moss deal these guys would be bait as well.

Besides getting Adrian Peterson in the first round there isn't anyone that would fall to the Packers that is worth giving first round money to. Besides not being a first-round player, we all know how Ted likes to hold onto the team's money, like he has done during the free agency period. I can't see him paying a first rounder that he doesn't think is worthy of being one, so it makes sense for him to back out and get more picks to fill other holes.

I know many mock drafts have the Packers picking Marshawn Lynch from California with that first pick, but after further review I say, ‘No, don't do it.' I know it might shock many of you that as much as I have talked about them needing a running back, don't get me wrong, but not at that spot. That guy is not worth the price, especially with some of the negative reports about some of his off-the-field problems. There are some health questions concerning his back problems as well. Besides a knee injury, the back is the next worst problem for a running back to have because the pounding the body takes is unbelievable.

They might be able to pick a running back up in the second round. Who that guy is I can't tell you because it will depend on whether he can run in the zone blocking scheme. Besides Lynch other mock drafts have the Packers taking Greg Olsen, the TE from Miami, and I say don't do it for many reasons. First, I don't want the Packers to waste any picks, and getting a tight end would be wasting a pick because Mike McCarthy hasn't shown that he has the ability to get the tight end involved in the passing game, which, in turn, makes that pick worthless. Not only that but it would be a giant slap in the face of Bubba Franks, who already feels insulted because of how he was used last year. For the times he was used helping in pass protection the only difference between him and the rest of the linemen blocking was that he didn't wear linemen's gloves.

Another thought by many is that Ted Ginn Jr. will be available at that spot and that he could fill the void at receiver opposite Donald Driver. The bonus with Ginn is that he could be that threat as a punt and kickoff returner that this team hasn't had since Desmond Howard. But is Ginn Jr. is worthy of a first round tag? Of course, I haven't mentioned players like Calvin Johnson, JaMarcus Russell or LaRon Landry because by all rules they should be gone.

As I have said earlier there are only roughly 18 great players, but a bunch of good players, so I would expect many teams that have late first-round picks to be possible trying to move out of the first round as well and that might be another problem for the Packers. Ted might be caught between a rock and a hard place. Ted might be forced to make his picks because everyone else sees the same thing, which is quality and quantity so everyone might want to move and get more players.

Ted is going to be faced with many things from now until the draft. Does he want Randy Moss, and, if so, how does he get him? What will it cost this team, and is the cost too much? Also, does he stay at 16 and spend money on a first rounder that might not really be a first rounder, or does he move out? Can he move out? If he does, who will he miss?

So, as you can see the next couple of weeks for trader Ted Thompson will be faced with WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO.

Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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