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Packers fans offer their thoughts on upcoming NFL draft

Many jewels to be found in second day selections
You couldn't be more correct in your analysis (Draft day dandies, April 19). I'm always amazed at how much attention teams and the media put on day 1 selections. Day 2 selections that ultimately blossom in the NFL do so for several reasons:

1. They mature mentally & physically after entering the NFL.
2. They receive top-notch coaching for the first time in their football careers.
3. They finally end up in systems that emphasize their strengths.
4. They realize that they can make a ton of $$ if they can stick around and play at a high level. The 'game' becomes serious.

There are probably many more reasons.

I think TT & MM will trade down again this year and pick up even more second day picks. The next TE & RB to eventually start for GB may very well come from Day 2.
Doug N., dougnew@peoplepc.com, Juneau, WI

Mad as heck at Ted Thompson
I know TT loves to build a team through the draft, but an 8-8 team is not a rebuilding team. They just need those 2 players to get them over the hump and back into the playoffs. TT should have gone out there and purchased a WR such as Randy Moss or Donte Stallworth. He should have made at least a second big free agent move, too. Maybe a replacement running back or a saftey.

TT lacked in the effort to supply Favre with a few players to play around him in Favre's final years and for that I am forever mad at Thompson. After Favre retires, then the Packers will be rebuilding. Then they will need the draft. Instead TT made Favre's "last year" worse than it needed to be.
Matt Baldridge, cubbiesnumber1fan@yahoo.com, Geneva, IL

Packers have many options in draft
Hey PackerReport.com guys and gals!!
One week from the draft and everything as I see it as regards the Packers and the draft are clear as mud. I have held myself back from making any further comments for a while now to see how things might shake out and do some reading and surfing for as much info as I can find so as to be an informed fan.

Still, I have absolutely no idea what the Packers are going to do and I have to think you don't, either, or we would have seen more opinion columns. I think this year there are just so many ways they could go, so many things they could do and the powers that be in Packerland sure are not tipping their hand in any way and I suppose I would not want them to. So, we just wait it out but in the meantime, just curious if you guys had some columns coming this week with your speculation as to just what might happen. I would look forward to reading your thoughts.

Believe it or not, I have very little speculation to share (hold the applause), but alas I do have some. Like I said, I have no clue what will happen unlike last year when we pretty much knew they would take Hawk at #5. Do they make a trade for either Moss or Porter from the Raiders?

There is talk now the Raiders could very well take Calvin Johnson. Do they (Packlers) dare trade up to get Peterson (highly unlikely it would seem given Ted's past history). Do they trade down to stockpile more picks and bodies? (This is very possible it would seem again given Ted's history) Personally, I think they need some playmakers now, not more depth. Do they stick at 16 and if so who do they take? Ted's history and his own words say it will be the "best player available". I am now not sold on Lynch at all and think they can do almost as well with a second or third round RB. Taking TE Olsen there is too high and like was said, a slap in the face of Bubba among other reasons why he should not be taken there. Ted Ginn? I can see that but I would be very worried about his health and durability plus I think a veteran receiver can be found via trade hopefully.

Safety? Maybe if Landry is there but likely not. DE? There is no guarantee that Jenkins is the answer so if Carriker or Anderson are there, why not? What if LB Willis falls tht far? Does Ted wait for other teams to release cap casualty veterans and scoop some up? It is beyond crystal clear that he is not going the free agent route and besides, there are very few if any left. The bottom line to me at least is that this draft is HUGE for the Pack and since Ted did not play in the free agent pool he cannot afford to miss on very many of the picks. It also seems clear to me that even with a great draft, if they do not make some moves either via trade or pick up some cap casualties from other teams given their schedule, 2007 will be a "rebuilding" season and 8-8 would be about all we could expect. Who knows, maybe the plan is to build towards the 2008 season?? I can't imagine what you guys are going through trying to figure this all out and make informed projections, good luck!!

Needless to say I am waiting on pins and needles to see how this shakes out.
Jeff D., jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE

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