Update: The mock draft consensus is ...

The Green Bay Packers will select Cal running back Marshawn Lynch in the first round of Saturday's NFL draft.

The consensus among the so-called experts is the Green Bay Packers will select California running back Marshawn Lynch in the first round on Saturday. Here are the results of a bunch of online mock drafts from respected media outlets.

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Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN.: Lynch.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Lynch. Comment: The Packers have to fill Ahman Green's shoes and provide Brett Favre another playmaker. They'll roll the dice on Lynch, and hope his back and character are no issues at all.

RealGMfootball.com: Lynch. Comment: Perhaps the ultimate "need" pick of the 1st round. Lynch has shown good vision and a powerful burst, though it seems most scouts find him a boom/bust type.

Ourlads.com: Ted Ginn Jr. Comment: Three-year starter has rare speed and will always put pressure on the secondary. He will contribute as a kickoff and punt returner. He has above average hands and is a scary open-field runner.

NFLDraftCountdown.com: Lynch. Comment: A common phenomenon I have noticed in the NFL is teams with lackluster talent somehow finding a way to win a few more games than they probably should, thus taking them out of contention to land the type of elite player in the draft that they still need. Unfortunately for the Cheeseheads I'm afraid that might be the case with Green Bay this year because even though they finished with a .500 record at 8-8 they are still probably among the bottom 5-7 teams in the league when it comes to overall talent.

Clark Judge, Sportsline.com: Lynch.

Pete Prisco, Sportsline.com: Robert Meachem, WR, LSU.

Bill Williamson (a former Packers beat writer), Denver Post, Lynch. Comment: Dynamic back gives Favre a much-needed weapon.

Jamie Dukes (former NFL player), NFL Network: Lynch. Comment: Lord Favre has vowed to return for one more season and he is missing one weapon. The "Checkdown Man," Ahmad Green, is gone. Lynch is a good, young back with a burst and good hands.

Vic Carucci, NFL.com: Lynch. Comment: After losing Ahman Green to Houston in free agency, the Packers could use a running back. After Peterson, Lynch is the best of the group.

Pat Kirwan, NFL.com: Jamall Anderson, DE, Arkansas: Comment: There is downward pressure on the running backs in this draft and running back Marshawn Lynch suffers because of things out of his control. A receiver like Dwayne Bowe would give Brett Favre another big target, but both the running back and receiver positions have talent in the second round. A safety like Reggie Nelson is intriguing, but Anderson's got a better grade than any of the players mentioned and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila is no longer in the plans. When the Packers draft at No. 47, they will still have a few running backs available from the group that includes Kenny Irons, Tony Hunt, Brandon Jackson and Antonio Pittman.

Don Banks, Sports Illustrated: Lynch. Comment: Rumors that there were concerns about some character issues don't seem to have amounted to much of anything. Though Green Bay could still opt for one of the highly rated receivers, this is where you have to guard against over-thinking the first round.

Steve Silverman, MSNBC.com: Lynch. Comment: Lynch has the speed of a difference maker and an innate toughness about him. He will often make has best runs after taking a big hit. Forget some of the rumors about Lynch's character or the fact that he split time earlier in his career at Cal. He is a first-class running back.

Peter Schrage, FoxSports.com: Comment: As much as I'd like to go out on a limb and believe Ted Thompson's going to shock the world and go elsewhere with this pick, I think the mass of pundits slotting Lynch in this spot are right. Quite simply, Vernand Morency and Noah Herron are not NFL starting running backs. Lynch, however, is. He is the perfect running back for the West Coast offense, a superb rusher and a better than average receiver.

John Murphy, Yahoo.com: Lynch. Comment: The Packers have said all the right things about their backfield situation, but if Olsen is unavailable, they could turn Lynch. Lynch has gone through a lot of offseason scrutiny as he's been questioned about an accusation of sexual assault and a mysterious back injury. Even if Lynch is the highest available prospect on their board in the first round, they could pass on him as it's unlikely he will immediately take over as an every-down back.

Forecaster.com: Lynch. Comment: This pick isn't ideal for the Packers, but they have a major need in the backfield. The loss of Ahman Green really hurts and while there is still talk they will land a free agent, there aren't many great options still on the market and that makes a player with Lynch's talent level essential.

Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News: Lynch.

Jarrett Bell, USA Today: Lynch.

Dave Goldberg, The Associated Press: Lynch. Comment: Ahman Green is gone and the remaining backs are ... well, let's call them just OK.

Nolan Nawrocki, Pro Football Weekly: Greg Olsen, TE, Miami. Comment: Vernon Davis was a serious consideration for the Packers a year ago, and after they decided to go with LB A.J. Hawk, they still have a need to replace TE Bubba Franks.

Sportings News: Darrelle Revis, cornerback, Pittsburgh. Comment: GM Ted Thompson is in the perfect position to trade down, and that remains a strong possibility. Revis would help bolster an aging secondary. He's a cover corner who can play in the team's man-to-man system.

ESPN.com's Sports Nation had the fans predict the first round. With Lynch off the board, the Packers selected Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU: Comment from ESPN.com's Jeremy Green: Once Brett Favre opted to return, there was no question they were going to need to surround him with playmakers. With no RB or TE available here, WR is their only option. However, this is far too high to take Bowe or any of the receivers still on the board, who all seem to be on the decline. With a lot of potential defensive playmakers still on the board, Green Bay would desperately try to move back in the draft if this scenario occurs. If they are stuck, Bowe makes as much sense as any of the other receivers they could select.

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