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Being an Ohio State fan as well as a Green Bay Packer faithful, the presence of Terry Glenn excites me to no end. Just for the record though, I am always a Packer fan first. That will always be the case for me.<p>

I recall Terry Glenn's last year at Ohio State. He just seemed to make play after big play. The first half of the season he was averaging 150 yards recieving a game on a team that had Eddie George running the ball as well. He went into the metrodome against the Gophers ready to have another big game. He was over 100 yards in the first quarter when he made a leaping catch on a long ball that was poorly thrown by Ohio State's Bobby Hoying. The defender on the play upended Terry and he came down on his shoulder, severely seperating it on the rock hard concrete of the fake football field. He was done for the day and for a few games as well.

I continually hear the term "malcontent" when Glenn is spoken of. Personally I am of the opinion the man has made some mistakes, yet I dont see him as a "malcontent". Could we say injury prone? I think its just the all out manner that this man competes whether its in practice or Games. To me its just like calling Brett Favre interception prone. Brett Favre‚s TD to interception ratio is closer to 2-1. I can live with that. Brett Favre is a playmaker. I hope that Packer fans continue to embrace Terry Glenn the way they have so far. Terry Glenn has shown nothing but gratitude to the organization since he has been here. If anything he has been pressing a bit to earn peoples trust.

Its been a long way from being the seventh pick of the draft and setting an NFL rookie receptions mark with 90 receptions to the ragged end of his relationship with New England. This is a brand new start for Terry on a team that not only wants him, but desperately needs him to be able to compete with the other top teams in the NFL for the coveted Lombardi trophy. The task is at hand and I believe Terry Glenn talent wise is everything as advertised.

There will not be any imploding character wise for Terry Glenn. Staying healthy will be the only question regarding him for me. I predict Terry Glenn goes to the probowl this year with Brett Favre throwing the ball to him.

Brett Favre is our greatest gladiator possibly in the storied history of the Green Bay Packers. I would not be surprised to hear fans talk about the courage and competitive nature when his Packer career someday ends. It will be like remembering Brett. We dont think of the interceptions. We just drop our jaw as we remember the plays that only Brett can make. Terry Glenn is the same way as a wide reciever. The best is yet to come.

Note: Dennis Thompson is a Packers fan from Winter Springs, Fla. If you have something to say about the Packers, submit it to Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth at packrepted@aol.com. It will be considered for Voice of the Fan.

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