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"Balance is the key"

In this day and age of position specialists, teams pushing for a high powered explosive offence or a shut down deffence balance is the key. The balance between an offence and a deffence.

How good doea a defense need to be?

How good does an offense need to be?

The offense needs to be able to score more points then the defense allows...but it often is not as sinple as that.

These days an offensive line who can pass-block has a problem run blocking, and a defense that can shut down the run doesn't rush the passer well. Last week we ran for almost 200 yards and passed for over 280 yards.

That is Balance.

Last week we did a fair job of containment, sacked he quarterback 4 times (4 diferent players) and held Dunn to under 100 yards.

That is Balance Our O-line can run AND Pass block.

Our tight ends can catch, block and run.

The passing attack was balanced between the entire receiver core, running backs and tight ends. Our starting running back ran for 158 yards cought 6 passes and the back-ups showed flashes of brillance.

We may have the most balanced D-line anywhere.pass rush and run stuff.

Our depth is great in every position but one (quarterback)

The art of war states that it is the General's (coaches) objective to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy (opposing team) and to hide our own weaknesses, judging from the balance we now have this will cause a lot of coaches many sleepless nights. On the other hand with our broad talent base we are almost garenteed to find a missmatch or weakness somewhere.

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