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Fans chime in with their thoughts on Packers Class of 2007

TT has no one to blame but himself for debacle of draft
As a fan and a writer, are you as disgusted as we are? Poor Brett. Then I see an interview where Ike tells the media he didn't learn about the Moss deal until late (Sunday) morning! Where the heck was he? Asleep under a rock or counting all that money he saved by getting pooch players?

Of course the success or failure of the players won't be seen for several years so for right now he can't be blamed or held accountable. Trouble is, he can't blame Mike Sherman anymore. I hope he likes looking at ‘a deer caught in the headlights' in the mirror because that's who can be blamed for this debacle.
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Plenty of room on the TT BandWagon Brigade for those who believe!
Despite rumors you may have heard circulating in the spring air over the existence of the TT BandWagon Brigade ...Coming straight from the horses mouth, contrary to some beliefs, the BandWagon is alive and rolling. Amidst talk that the Wagon could be dismantled after a draft in which many questioned, the founder of the BandWagon, Ben Crowell, has issued this statement to the media:

"I know a lot of you in Packer Nation are upset with the draft, and I too will admit, I am disappointed we were unable to add that one piece many of us feel we are missing, that one difference-maker for our almost great offense. However, it must not be forgotten that TT has his plan, and unlike a Sherman plan, this plan has actually shown signs of working. While I do realize many of you will likely feel like the pear-shaped loser (Sherman) was pulling the trigger on these selections, keep in mind that it was indeed TT, and his head is a much better cornerstone for the draft than Sherman.

"TT has more knowledge of player potential in his left eye brow than the pear-shaped loser had anywhere in his 260 lbs o' fun body. While you may be upset, please keep in mind that this draft will take time to pan out, but the likelihood is that it WILL indeed pan out! Be patient, and keep riding the wagon!!!"

Much to the relief of many Wagon faithful, fans are said to be elated that the Wagon is intact and riding as smoothly as ever!
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Trade may have helped Packers get two first round picks
Hey Todd:
Well another draft came and went. When the Packers made their pick of Justin Harrell, DT, out of Tennessee I was a little puzzled. Then I thought to myself defense wins Super Bowls, and games are won in the trenches.

The other issue that concerns me is that I read an article on JSOnline and it stated that the Browns had contacted the Packers to make a trade, giving the Packers two first round picks in 2008. I think that is a move they should have made. If they could have gotten a 2nd and 3rd round pick this year. Then the Packers could have traded back up in the first round of the draft with New England and could have gotten Greg Olsen at the 28th spot. The Packers would still had their same original picks this year, taken a TE that can stretch the field, and had two first rounders next year.

It's still too early to predict, but I see their record being the same, unless last year's draft class makes major strides this year. I think that is what Thompson is banking on. I also hope that when the season begins we don't have this so called "miscommunications" on the field.

Go Packers!
Lou, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Coral Springs, FL

Packers fail to improve with their selection of draft picks
Steve Lawrence,
Going into this weekend, the Packers had a brilliant opportunity to establish themselves as an immediate NFC contender by giving Favre the offensive firepower needed, which he didn't have to work with last year. Unfortunately, in big part to ted thompson (whose name doesn't deserve to be capitalized), the Packers come out of the weekend, looking like the 8-8 team of last year, with the same problem, not enough playmakers.

The Pack has a glaring need at running back. You'd think if Ted wasn't going to make a trade for Turner or LJ, he would have traded up and drafted Marshawn Lynch, as expected. Not the case, instead we sit and watch the Vikings (yes I said the Minnesota Vikings) draft Adrian Peterson, and the Bills grab Marshawn Lynch, now their new franchise back.

Brandon Jackson is just a scary pick considering his two surgically repaired shoulders.

All the talk and speculation of the off-season has been Randy Moss coming to Green Bay. Seemed like a perfect fit. The Pack are in dire need of a play-making WR, who can stretch the field. We don't go after any offensive free agents. We all hear how bad Brett wants Moss - who has the utmost respect for number 4. The Raiders wanted a 4th round pick for Moss. Ted doesn't think Moss is worth it, and the Patriots, who have the brass who know what it takes to build an successful NFL franchise make the steal of the draft, and are an immediate Super Bowl favorite with the addition of Moss.

Folks, all it took was a fourth round draft pick. A FOURTH ROUND DRAFT PICK!! Moss seemed to be the missing piece, but Thompson shows us he'd rather spend a 3rd round pick on an average possession WR, James Jones, and better yet, a Division II left tackle. This just kills me.

To add salt to the wound, not only do the Packers not land Moss, they don't land any big time offensive playmakers. They didn't trade up for M. Lynch, nor Adrian Peterson, and skipped on every WR, not named Calvin Johnson or Ted Ginn Jr. You have to be kidding me. I just cannot see the thought process on how ted thompson thinks he's improving this team. No offensive free-agents, just Frank Walker. (Who? your probably asking)

This is arguably the same team as last year without Ahman Green. You can make the point that Greg Jennings, and our offensive line, will be more established players. But how far does that go. If I were Brett I would strongly consider retiring (or taking a trade to New England). I don't see what he has to look forward to this year.

NFL Experts write:

"By the time the NFL draft was over, Moss was property of the New England Patriots; the Packers had spent their first-round pick on an injury-prone defensive tackle; and the rest of the NFC North had added dynamic offensive pieces: Calvin Johnson with the Detroit Lions, Adrian Peterson with the Minnesota Vikings and Greg Olsen of the Chicago Bears."

This is just making me sick. What doesn't thompson understand!

What going into the weekend once seemed promising, with the suspected additions of Marshawn Lynch and Randy Moss, Thompson comes out not making a single splash. Not one single offensive playmaker. Apparently thompson doesn't have a clue. (Unless Justin Harrell can run a 4.28 and catch the deep ball). Because, there's only so much building from within and having to rely on on players with high ability but no experience will get you. In time, this will show, and hopefully Thompson will take his philosophy somewhere other than Green Bay, because he clearly doesn't have what it takes to be a successful GM.

I can only begin to imagine what's going through Favre's head right now. Because I'm absolutely disgusted.
Zack Sigmund, SjKnights26@aol.com, Saddle River, NJ

Could be a long season ahead for Favre, Packers
Just read your article on P.R. site. I'm still not convinced we helped ourselves in this draft to help us on the field. The No. 1 draft pick may end up being a great defensive player, but that isn't going to show on the field this year. Nor is a running back who wasn't a full-time player on his college team and has had surgeries on both shoulders when there were several players on the board who could have helped us more than him. I don't really think I have to name them, but am sure you can think of a few .

The sports commentators on the NFL Network also said they were one team who helped themselves as little as anyone. Also, the comment at the end of your article about next year in the off-season we can get some free agents to fill the gaps we have was very comforting. Would bet Favre is thinking that this is going to be a long year and has to be wondering why he's coming back. Seems they are trying to discourage it, to tell the truth. Looks to me we have already given up on the season.
Steve, branson1@charter.net, Janesville, WI

First two picks were the best available players?
So, let me see if I've got this right. With his first pick, Mr. Thompson picked a perennial candidate for the Injured Reserve list, and with his second pick he chose a midget. And these were the "best players" available?
Ken Parrish, KenParrish53@aol.com, Lynchburg, VA

Let's put our trust in Thompson and company
Fellow Fans,
Well, after reading many of the blogs on the Internet, I wanted to chime in with my thoughts on the '07 draft.

Justin Harrell: Big, could be VERY good. TT addressed a spot that I didn't THINK we had as big a need as others, but after he was picked I did a little research. This guy might really be a huge asset. He will need time, but I liked his attitude too: "Turn those boos into cheers...". Good character, hopefully a leader like his idol Reggie. Seems like an OK pick to me.

I admit I still am disappointed the Pack didn't go with Pittman, but we will see. There must have been something they saw in this RB. Again, they addressed a spot and we will see. Good RBs come from the 2nd and 3rd rounds too.

WR spots now have some building material: remember Colston from last year? Wasn't he a 7th round pick? How many Saints fans cheered on that pick? They sure are now.

I guess overall I wish everyone would step back and let the guys do their jobs. These guys all seem like good people and if they aren't, they won't be in Green and Gold long. Anything can happen. Wasn't Tom Brady from a later round, too?

I do have one question I would like to pose: Does it make more sense to draft many players and then have to make cuts to add them to your roster, or to trade some of those picks, really target 4-6 players and get those guys, and develop the guys you have who know the system and have a few years experience. I think there are good points about both, but always taking 11 guys will always have us rebuilding.

It will be interesting to see where we go from here. Glad they didn't get Moss. I couldn't go there (just me personally, he will do well in NE). I hope TT and his crew made the right choices, and truthfully we all have no choice but to trust in them. So support your Pack instead of criticizing all of the time.

They could draft a team of sea monkeys and I will still be here. Go Pack!
Jason Eckes, eckesjh@yahoo.com, Middleton, WI

A little explanation on the plan, puuuuleeeeze!
Ok, I am wide open to hearing anyone give a reasonable and logical explanation as to the Packers' off-season thus far and what they have done (not done) that will make them better in 2007. Seriously, with the obvious improvement of so many other teams, notably teams in the NFC North, how will the Packers be better?

I am open to someone explaining to me that the plan all along was NOT looking to 2008, or even 2009. All the cap space, all of the youth acquired the past couple years in the draft. Someone tell me there is still a plan for 2007, I am open to anything at this point.
Jeff D., jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE

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