Wynn Q&A

Rookie running back responds to questions prior to first Packers practice

DeShawn Wynn, selected by the Green Bay Packers with the first of two seventh round draft picks in April, met with reporters prior to his first minicamp practice on Friday. Here are Wynn's responses to questions:

On how he feels about the Packers' running back situation: "I think the good thing about it is we're all young. You don't have one set veteran back, so there is a lot of open space for an opportunity and competition, which I'm looking forward to."

On how he likes his chances of winning a starting spot: "Personally, you think you can be the starter. I'm just in here to prove myself and compete with some of these guys. Wherever I end up is where I end up, but I'm going to definitely work for where I end up."

On what he feels he has to show the coaching staff: "I think just toughness and smartness. I think they're looking for somebody who can pick up on the plays and somebody who is just tough, refusing to quit and always wants the ball in their hand."

On how much playing at Florida helped him prepare for the NFL: "I think it helped a lot, playing under coach (Urban) Meyer, a no-nonsense type coach. When he tells you something, he expects you to do it, kind of like here. He (Meyer) teaches you how to be a professional, and everything we do at Florida carries over here a lot, like just being on time and stuff like that."

On why his stock dropped in draft: "I have no idea. Maybe rumors that some might have spread around. I'm not sure. It might be that that's where they want me to be selected."

On what he has to do to make the final 53-man roster: "Going out and running the plays that are called and not knowing the plays holds you back. I want to get into the playbook and know as much as I can coming in, so that won't hold me back. Just go out and play, and let the coaches be the judge."

On if he has seen the playbook: "I've got it sitting in my locker. Pretty big. A lot of West Coast offense. A lot of terms kind of throw me off. I've never heard of that stuff before, but I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge of learning this stuff."

On if the offense at Florida has some ‘West Coast,' a lot, or none: "I'd say none. Coach Meyer has his own offense, so that's the way he does things. Learning (the West Coast offense) is going to be an adventure, but it's going to be fun."

On how he would describe his running style: "I like to run hard most of the time and it up, so you're not predictable. For the most part, I like to make one cut, go downhill and run hard."

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