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Fans air out their thoughts on Ted Thompson, Packers' young backfield

Packers have been fortunate that Favre has hung around
Though I won't go into cutting Sherman down about his physical features like some fan calling Sherman "pear shaped".. "260lbs O' Fun Body" (PackerReport.com Letters to Editor, May 4), come on grow up from elementary school playground talk, you idiot!! Just say it: Though Sherman dearly tried, he sucked as a GM!! What is with these personal attacks? Just stick to his coaching.

Back to real sports talk. I blame Harlan and Wolf for that stupid call. What was Sherman to say, ‘No, thanks'?

Now in regards to mighty Ted, and why I say he owes Brett (Favre) big time. Do you really think Ted could have taken his merry old time about slowly building a team through the draft without Brett. Can you imagine the team without Brett and Rodgers at quarterback? Let's just say we'd been lucky to win 1 to 3 games a year in the last two years - LUCKY. At least we would have had high draft picks.

The team has developed quicker under Brett, the offense and the players around him will get better for being around him. Thompson does not have to take so much heat for being 8-8 instead of 1-15, 2-14, 3-13, and he doesn't need a quick fix as fast. I hear time and time again from the announcers covering the game … they don't give Brett much to work with, thus it forces him to try to do to so much.

Unfortunately for Brett it makes him look like his numbers are down along with his play, but that is so deceiving. When he leaves the team … they will then need a QB. But you can see it now, Thompson is building a team that can play great defense and run the ball, that way they won't be hurting as much when Brett leaves and the team can rely on an average QB. Oh and Mr. Rodgers can you imagine being thrown into the fire like some QB's have in their career, especially with last year's offensive line and the injuries the year before? You would have been buried and your career smashed, so you can send Brent a thank you note, also.

So Mr. Ted & Mr. Rodgers be "Very, Very Thankful" that Brett has hung around and helped to make the Pack respectable!! I am hoping for the best next year! Go Pack!!
Jan Mandel, Janmandel@cox.net, Tempe, AZ

Who is front-runner for No. 3 running back position?
Nice article ("Morency's experience a big advantage," May 9, PackerReport.com). Who do you see being the No. 3? Herron is a great guy to picking up the blitz, pretty good hands, and gets some tough yards, but do you think he fits in McCarthy's scheme? You think he is a true zone guy?

Also, what wide receivers besides Driver and Jennings to you predict to make the final cut? Always nice reading your articles, Todd.
Kevin J. McHale, kjmm48@hotmail.com, Dunmore, PA

Thanks for reading my column. The No. 3 spot will be up for grabs between Herron, Pope, Beach and Wynn. Tough call at this point. We'll have to see how they handle it in training camp, but Herron is the incumbent at No. 3 going in. Like you said, Herron does a lot of other things besides running the ball, well.

I think James Jones will be right there to play the No. 3 or No. 4 WR position. Not so sure about David Clowney, but it is also way too early to judge the rookies. When the pads go on, then we'll see who has a better chance of sticking around. But don't forget about Ruvell Martin and Carlyle Holiday. Great athletes, who will be tough to beat out. Ferguson? I think he will get cut in camp, or when Koren Robinson is ready to return.

Todd Korth

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