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Dear Packer Report,<br> When the Packers signed Joe Johnson this offseason, I was one Packer fan who did not share in the excitement. It looked like a desperation move by our team to get a Super Bowl title before our window of opportunity closed, vs. a move made with the future in mind.<p>

I follow the Packers quite closely, and I was very optimistic about our future despite out infamous playoff exit last year. The reason why is our recent drafts had provided a solid foundation of young talent that would enable the Pack to remain a contender throughout Favre's tenure. However, with the signing of Johnson, that opportunity may have passed us by. We have been unable to complete a deal with Holliday, arguably one of the top 5 young tackles in the league. Not only that, what about when Clifton, Tauscher, a Gbaja-Biamila, Hunt and Diggs play out their existing contracts? We are going to need extremely good fortune in the draft these next few years to replace these up-and-comers should they leave in free agency. Plus, after two games where we gave up over 30 points each game, I don't see where Johnson and Nickerson have helped out that much. I doubt our young, unproven players would have faired that much worse without these star veterans in the lineup.
Cautious in Colorado Springs,
Mike Poplawski, Colorado Sprins, Colo.

Packer Report,
I hate to say it but so far it looks like the money spent on Joe Johnson was a waste. I just hope that they can come up with the money to hang on to Holiday.May be they should have spent the money elsewhere.

Packer Report,
My only question is,"where is the defense of the Packers"? This unit that Sherman put together in the off-season was picked by a lot of experts, and media people to be one of the top units in the league this year. Well,after 2 games,this unit has given up over 60 points. I ask you,"was it all just hype"? It appears to be from where I'm sitting. Bunch of over priced free agents,not helping a bit.
Peter Schwind, Wapakoneta Ohio,

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