Favre sounds off

Quarterback steamed that Packers failed to strike deal Moss

Brett Favre confirmed Saturday that he indeed was lobbying for the Green Bay Packers to trade for veteran wide receiver Randy Moss. For months, there was widespread speculation that Favre was trying to encourage the Packers to trade for Moss. On Saturday, Favre voiced his disapproval of how Green Bay let Moss slip away to New England during the NFL draft weekend.

"It is disappointing," Favre told Al Jones of the Biloxi (Miss.) Sun Herald during his annual celebrity golf tournament in Tunica, Miss. "It was a done deal and the stories of how we lost him because he didn't want to restructure his contract were not true.

"He was going to wipe his contract clean and sign for $3 million guaranteed, plus a fourth-round draft pick. That would have been a steal. But we were not willing to guarantee part of that $3 million. I even had (agent) Bus (Cook) call up there and tell them I would give up part of my salary to guarantee that part of the money. Apparently that wasn't enough, either."

Favre, who is not expected to participate in next weekend's mandatory minicamp because of off-season ankle surgery, said he knew his comments might irritate the Packers.

"This is a first-class organization that wants to win. I want to win now," he told Jones.

"I just want to win; maybe I see things the wrong way. I don't want to ruffle any feathers and I want people to respect me. Sometimes I think it's hard for them to let Brett go. They might think that we pay him a lot of money, but he still gives us the best chance to win. I've never been told that, but there are times when I wonder if I'm the odd man out here and they just don't know how to tell me."

Favre, 37, announced two days before the Super Bowl in February that he would return for his 17th NFL season, and 16th with the Packers. He knows time is running out on his pro football career.

"Our offense struggled last season. If it were not for our defense, we would not have won eight games. Right now, it's hard to be optimistic," he told Jones.

"I'm not getting any younger and I think everyone knows that. I don't have five years to rebuild. No one in Green Bay is saying rebuild, but it's hard to look at where we are going and say, ‘How can they not be rebuilding?'

"I don't know if I've lost faith, and I think everyone in the organization wants to win. I just don't know if it includes me. If it's going to be five years from now, I'm not going to be here. This is 17 years for me and I want to win."

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