Sherman Sez

Packer Head Coach/GM Mike Sherman understandably wasn't a happy guy following the Packers' 35-20 shellacking at the hands of the Saints in the Louisiana Superdome Sunday. Here's what he had to say following the game:<p>

On game: "We didn't play well. That's the second week in a row we haven't stepped up and played to the level that we need to play. I thought the Saints did a fantastic job of making plays when they had to make plays. The jumped up on us and did a good job. We tried to pressure them early, but to their credit they handled the blitz pretty well and completed a couple balls on us."

"I believe we had seven offensive penalties, which put us into long-yardage more types than you can have in this type of environment and against this type of team. This team (the Saints) is not a surprise to me. I told our team all week long, this team has a chip on its shoulder. The most dangerous team in football is the team that has a chip on their shoulder and they proved that today."

On noise factor: "The problem we had today was the New Orleans Saints. They were the problem, and we had plenty of it. I'm not blaming anything on the noise or the dome or nothing, it was the New Orleans Saints outplayed, out-coached the Green Bay Packers."

On Packers' effort: "I think the guys tried to win the football game. I don't think anybody laid down on us. I think the guys tried. They're very disappointed that they lost and I think the true test of this team will be how we handle it . . . Every team will have a day like this, it's not the day that hurts you, it's how you respond to it. I believe in the guys in that locker room. They will respond favorably, bounce back and we'll get better."

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