Glenn proves he can take it

Since signing with the Packers as a free agent this offseason, receiver Terry Glenn has been the subject of endless speculation on his physical and mental toughness. Add a preseason knee injury, and folks saying 'told you so' were coming out of the proverbial woodwork.<p>

Now, two games into the regular season, Glenn is proving that he can take a take a hit, take a hard fall and even take the criticism after a nasty road loss and his ill-timed turnover.

In Green Bay's 35-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints at the Louisiana Superdome Sunday, Glenn nabbed a spectacular touchdown reception from Brett Favre. The 14-yard grab pulled the Packers to within 21-10 with less than a minute remaining in the half put the momentum in the Packer corner for one of the few times during the game. The score was set up by Darren Sharper's interception off Aaron Brooks and Sharper's ensuing 42-yard return.

That was the good news. The bad news was that Glenn had to sacrifice his body to do it. He went up to make the catch and slammed down hard to the unforgiving dome turf. After a long moment on the ground, Glenn recovered enough to leave the field under his own power.

"That was a great play," Glenn said. "We need a lot of plays like that and unfortunately we didn't have a lot like that today. They were the better team. They were a lot more physical offensively and defensively and they wanted the game more than we did, obviously."

Glenn caught nine passes for 81 yards. His TD was his longest gain of the day.

The down side of the game for Glenn and the Packers was a momentum-turner early in the third quarter. Facing third-and-7 in the opening drive of the second half, Favre connected with Glenn, who turned upfield and into the hit of Fakhir Brown, causing a fumble. Keyuo Craver recovered the loose ball and ran 38 yards into the end zone to increase the Saints' lead.

"What happened was, it was an in-and-out route where I fake like I'm going across the field and come out of it," said Glenn, who was forthcoming about his turnover in postgame interviews. "Brett did a real good job, I didn't pick up the hint, that when he threw it inside - normally when a quarterback does that they mean that somebody's out there waiting, because I really can't tell when I'm coming back out.

"Not just being in synch right there, I caught it and I still tried to go outside. I still went that way and the guy, I had no idea he was there, hit me while I was trying to bring the ball in and just jarred it loose," Glenn said.

"It happened so fast. I've got to hold on to that ball. I've got to hold on to that ball. Brett did a great job throwing the ball inside, basically telling me that someone was out there, that's what we're taught to do, and as I caught it, I still didn't think nobody was out there," Glenn said.

The turnover was one of the Packers' two costly give-aways. Favre also suffered his first interception of the season, when a pass intended for Bubba Franks took an errant bounce and landed in the hands of the Saints.

Glenn was the first to admit that turnovers always take a toll, and against a team like the Saints, that toll can't always be paid back.

"You can't spot a team like that down in the red zone. The one I had was a touchdown and you really can't give them that," Glenn said. "You can't give a team that much and expect to win a ballgame."

"They had a lot of drives that were pretty long, and for us to get the ball and give it right back, it was definitely mind-blowing for the defense. It's pretty hard."

Glenn turned his thoughts to the Packers' next opponent, the hapless Detroit Lions.

"We've got to get back to the drawing board, as they say. No one is going to lay down and let us run over them just because we've got on the green and gold," Glenn said. "We've got to go out there and we've got to earn it. That was a perfect example tonight, a team that didn't really care about anything but winning the ball game. That's what we have to do each week from here on out."

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