Sydney Speaks! Can't they all just get along?

Ted Thompson has a plan. Brett Favre wants to win now.'s Harry Sydney provides an insiders point of view on how a communication breakdown has created an awkward situation between the two.

What has happened has been building up since Ted Thompson has been at the helm. Since Ted Thompson has become the general manager Brett Favre hasn't known whether he was coming or going, leaving or standing, and now, if you read between the lines, he is questioning the Packers' commitment to do what it takes to WIN.

I know Brett understands what it takes to win because he's a student of the game. He's not some stupid quarterback that walks around with his head buried in the sand. He's a three-time MVP wearing a Super Bowl ring and will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. It's obvious by his statement that when it came to the money to get Randy Moss in a Packers uniform, he had inside information. I don't know whether he got that from his agent James "Bus" Cook, or from the Packers organization, but he knew too much about what was going on, which was the first mistake.

Any time an organization gives any player that much power sooner or later it will come back to bite you in the BUTT! In this case Brett was allowed to know too much and expect something that I don't think Ted had any plans to deliver. What's worse, he let his quarterback and fans build up unnecessary hope. This past weekend Brett spoke for many out loud, but should have done it behind closed doors. That was his mistake because the media is trying to make him look like some spoiled brat, but those of us closer to what's going understand his frustration.

If you are paying attention this isn't the first time he has questioned what the organization is doing, and I understand what he just might be feeling. Somehow Ted Thompson and his star quarterback are on different pages, or on different books as far as that goes. Brett wanted Randy Moss and Ted Thompson somehow, some way must have led Brett into believing that that was in the making. So Brett feels that he's been lied to and he is feeling very frustrated, like it was the last straw that broke the camel's back.

Like I have said in many of the articles that I have written in the last couple months about Ted Thompson and the lack of getting offensive firepower, as well as his draft decisions of building for the future instead of trying to win now. All these things have put the Green Bay Packers back in the national spotlight again and Brett put them there.

Should Brett Favre have come out and thrown Ted Thompson under the bus like he did when he said basically that he dropped the ball with the Randy Moss situation? Not only that but what does Ted Thompson do now? I know Ted came out with some general manager statement after Brett's comments, but was it too late. I know perception and reality are two different things, but will they be able to work together or will Mike McCarthy have to be the buffer between the two?

Not only that but with a team building for the future just where does Brett fit in? He's an old quarterback on a team with a bunch of youngsters that's going nowhere fast and as Brett stated he feels like the odd man out. This team at this time has no offense to speak of and it didn't get any real help, so why would Ted Thompson want to deal with this headache? I get the sense that Ted Thompson doesn't know how to tell Brett Favre that it's time to part ways because he doesn't want to be the guy to sit the legend down.

I really think Ted Thompson's plan was to build a solid defense to help this team survive for when Brett retired, but, unfortunately, he hasn't retired and Ted never changed his game plan. He never made the adjustment. The reality of it slapped Brett in the face when Moss slipped through their fingers. At that moment he probably realized that when he looked into the backfield there wouldn't be Ahman Green or William Henderson, which made him feel that much older, and he started to just ask himself ‘What the heck am I doing?' Besides Driver what real weapon does he have? Like all aging players they wonder about their legacy.

At this point I can't help but think with these weapons, or lack of, Brett's legacy will get destroyed and I don't want to see that happen. I respect him too much to see him become another Deion Sanders. Remember how we laughed at him. I know Brett says he isn't about the records, but one must ask then why is he still playing?

Did Brett have the right to say what he did at his golf tournament about Ted? Probably not, but he had the platform to speak his mind. This is Ted's ship regardless of how bad he's driving it, but then again, is he really driving it that bad, or did he think by now there would be a different quarterback under the center and he just never had the stones to insist on some form of timetable with Brett?

Ted is trying to prepare this team for life after Brett, but the problem is Brett isn't following the plan. He's still here and wants to win now. Brett Favre whether you love him, or hate him, you must respect the fact that he just wants to win and he knows that the time is now, especially for him. So I ask you CAN'T THEY ALL JUST GET ALONG?

Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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