Agent says Favre will attend minicamp

Quarterback feels it is important to be with teammates, according to a report

Brett Favre, according to his agent, will be in Green Bay for the Green Bay Packers' mandatory minicamp this weekend, according to a report.

ESPN reported that Favre's agent, James "Bus" Cook, informed the Packers late Wednesday afternoon of Favre's plans to attend the three-day camp.

Favre is expected to be in Green Bay Friday, and according to the report, Favre will be on the field for individual and team drills.

"Brett's going to camp because it's the right thing to do ... he's going up there for his teammates, to check out some of the new guys and he expects to do everything everybody else does," Bus Cook, Favre's agent, told ESPN.

Favre indicated to a reporter in Mississippi earlier this week that he might not attend the minicamp due to his daughter's upcoming graduation and his recent ankle surgery. He is subject to fines of up to $8,000 per day by the Packers for skipping the camp.

"Nobody from the Packers has ever threatened a fine or told him he needed to get his butt up there -- knowing Brett, that would probably have an opposite effect," Cook said. "He did say last weekend that he wasn't going but said he got to thinking about it and, again, he felt that getting to minicamp was just the right thing to do.

"As far as Brittany and graduation goes, Brett realized that they're pretty organized and they've rearranged some things. They had a big party last week, they've been visiting colleges and there's graduation next week (May 25), so it's been a busy time for Brett and the family."

Cook also told ESPN that Favre is getting over the fact that the Packers were not able to trade for wide receiver Randy Moss, and that his client never demanded a trade.

"Brett has never asked to be traded and he doesn't want to be traded," Cook said.

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