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Packers fans offer their opinions on Favre, Thompson

Thompson falling short of trying to win now
Hi Todd:
We apparently got really upset that Thompson didn't try harder to acquire Randy Moss. I do feel for him, and agree with him to a certain extent. I wish Favre would have lashed out like this after the 4-12 campaign in 2005. Thompson has been trying to clean things up, but I do think that he is showing Favre the door indirectly. If Thompson were to tell Favre to call it a career, it will be PR hell in Wisconsin. Packer fans left and right would be asking for Thompson's head on the spot. They would inundate Harlan's and Jones' voice-mail and e-mails.

I do believe in Thompson in building through the draft, and that is fine, but sometimes you need to take a chance and roll the dice. I am still up in arms about not giving Eric Mangini an interview when he was searching for the next head coach. The Jets and Packers were both coming off 4-12 seasons, they were both had similar salary cap issues, and the Jets had their concerns at the QB position. But who goes to the playoffs the following year? The Jets, and it was because of better coaching staff. Heck they embarrassed us on our home turf.

Thompson should keep in mind that he's got three seasons left on his contract, and we understand the fact you cannot mortgage the team's future for the benefit of today (see Mike Sherman), but when does the future become present? And if Favre does call it a career after the 2007 season, Thompson is going to be back in square one finding a QB, because Rodgers still an enigma. Thompson's job could be on the line, remember that it was Harlan that hired Thompson, now that Harlan is stepping down, and Jones is stepping in. Thompson should start making the future present. Thompson is Harlan's guy not Jones'. If Thompson would have gotten Favre some offensive weapons this off-season then maybe he would have also gotten himself a contract extension after this season, but now that all has changed. I think the only noticeable WR out there is Antonio Bryant. Why hasn't Thompson given him a call? Why hasn't Chris Brown been invited for a visit?
Good Luck Packers!
Lou, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Coral Springs, FL

Favre should quit his whining about Moss
I never thought I would utter these words … but I wish that Brett Favre would just plain shut up! He needs to quit crying about stupid Randy Moss, and start concentrating on the upcoming season. I wonder about that guy sometimes.

The Packers are a team on the move toward future success, and last year's effort proved that. I do not believe for a minute that Randy Moss would have hastened that effort one bit. He is a prima donna, and a quitter! The Patriots really went out on a limb, in my opinion.

Yes, I would have liked to see GM Thompson be more aggressive in finding a deep threat on offense thru the draft, but the draft was what it was. Hopefully a trade offer will pop up soon.

Hey, Brett, let's focus on the hand that you've been dealt, instead of crying about the hand that you wanted. Go Pack!
Gary Allen, garysremodel@sbcglobal.net, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Favre, Packers should part ways
TT BandWagon Official Press Release:
"It's time for Favre to shutup and abruptly retire; Aaron Rodgers, the time is now"

It has been a great run. Favre can't ever don the uniform of another team. If he doesn't like what happened in this off season, and if he doesn't want to play, why not just blame it on your ankle and retire? That would have him running out of GB as the honorable legend he should be.

But now, some fans will have haste for him, I think, if not him, then TT, which I'm sure the latter is more appropriate for most.

However, the case here happens to be that if Favre doesn't like what he sees, he can blame it on his ankle and walk away as the legend and hero of GB - forever. But by staying and running his mouth, he is hurting his image, he is hurting the image of the Packers as a team, and he is creating instability in the locker room, and he is hurting TT for sure amongst the fans' views. It just serves nobody any good at all. He could have called it quits, rather than run his mouth over a dead issue. He doesn't like the team? Then quit!

I'm more than ready to watch Rodgers play. He's paid his dues and he has waited in the shadows. Let's see what the kid can do. Favre wants to play more? If he wants to play and win, and it is established, he can't ever play anywhere else. Then the only place to play and win is in GB, so why say dumb stuff and go off over something in the past that didn't happen? Who is he helping??? Therefore shut up and retire is my opinion.:)
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Note: The "TT BandWagon" was formed by Crowell, a college student who is a firm believer that Ted Thompson is on track toward guiding the Packers back to the Super Bowl. If you are ready to hop on the TT BandWagon, email your request to Crowell.

Let's help the offense, Ted!
After reading the story on 5/13/07 about Favre willing to help with his contract to bring Moss to the Pack, I was not surprised. Thompson has seemed to go just short of telling Brett that he does not want him. There doesn't seem to be a very concerted effort on his part to provide Brett with the weapons needed to win games.

I realize that you win with defense, but you have to put more points on the board than the other guy, and it looks as if Thompson is not interested in the passing as much as the run. Thompson may be in charge, but he will have to answer to the fans if his decisions hurt the Pack more than help.

I wish him luck because he will need a lot of it.

John McNichol, gbppsugo@netzero.net, Altoona, PA

Letting Moss get away a small part of big problem
I think not getting Moss was the tip of the iceberg. I don't think Brett's frustration is just the Moss deal. I think the irritation has been building for some time and there's been tension between Mike and Ike. This is just the incident that made the volcano blow. Brett's wanted Ike and Mike to do more to make winning a possibility. They haven't done much and he's running out of time. If Moss was good enough for the Patriots, why wasn't he good enough for the Pack? The Patriots already have a lot of stellar players. Brett's confused and so are a lot of us.

I know Brett makes a lot of money but compared to what the players make today he's lower on the salary totem pole. Tom Brady went to bat and spoke up about Moss, but Brett's not supposed to?
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Thompson drops the ball on improving offense
I had to cool down several days before trying to be civil in my criticism.

I was appalled when the Packers drafted Ahmad Carroll and made Sherman the combined GM & Coach, and for many of Sherman's draft choices and terrible offensive game plan inside the Red Zone. But I think our current GM has just surpassed all these blunders.

We needed a WR and TE badly to do something about the poor offense; and we needed an RB too. The defense is good, but was in need of a safety and maybe a CB to develop. So how did we waste the first round pick? A DT, which is perhaps the strongest part of the team, except for QB if the GM would ever give Favre and No. 2 something to work with.

When Seattle split the GM away from the coach, and gave the job to someone else, maybe they knew something the Packers didn't! What a shame, and Packer fans just have to grin and bare it - or is it Bear it?

Favre ought to get a bonus if he stays around for having to put up with such ineptness. 8-8 might be acceptable to TT, but it ain't going to beat the Bears. How sad!
Jack Bowles, J III B@aol.com, Bloomington, IL

Thompson lost battle to Kraft to obtain Moss
I'd like to see you write something positive about Brett. He is our quarterback, and this whole mess is because Thompson fell asleep, screwed up, and doesn't really know how to negotiate against the likes of a Kraft. This is at Thompson's doorstep, not Favre's. Favre is right, and you should tell it like it is for a change, and get off his back, the back that has carried everyone associated with the Packers, including you, in recent years.
Ben Zitron, bzitron@breslinrealty.com, Garden City, NY

No surprise that Favre spoke out against Packers
Did it surprise you that Favre would ask to be traded? Doesn't surprise me in the least. Seems the last time I wrote was surprised after the draft that he didn't contact the Packers and tell them he changed his mind about returning. Sounds like he feels they didn't have enough (balls) to let him know that. They were just scared at what the reaction that the Packer Nation would be like, and I'm sure they will more than find out now that Favre has let his feelings known.
Steve, branson1@charter.net, Janesville, WI

Favre deserves more credit from media
Hello Todd;
I think by now you know Favre is coming to the mandatory minicamp. I think that you should find better sources for some of your comments, and not react too quickly. I think that Favre is much more a team person than you and many give him to be. If you look at what he has done over the years we can see he looks into the big picture and not just him. He certainly wants what is good for him but he tries to look at it with the team in mind as well.

The press is all too much in a hurry to pick and find negatives about things instead of writing positives. Why bad reports sell better than the happy or positives I do not know. I never liked it, and I think a person in your position should set a trend or something and not jump the gun on bad news and find the good and print on that first.

When the negative does come out minimize it but still report it. To me that is of a higher moral standard and much more accepted by many. Just my thoughts. I think after reading your article you should print some sort of an apology for Favre is trying to do what is best for his team.

Todd, please do not feel this is a letter in anger or that I have any ill feelings towards you. That is all incorrect. I have the utmost respect for you and enjoy reading your opinions. I just think you jump the gun sometimes.
Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie,Pa.

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