Coach's Corner with Edgar Bennett

Packers running backs coach comments on draft picks

Edgar Bennett is entering his third season as Green Bay's running backs coach. Bennett, who played running back for the Packers from 1992-96, will be working with a stable of young running backs this season after Ahman Green left via free agency for Houston.

Bennett offers his thoughts on Green Bay's offensive backfield draft picks, including Brandon Jackson, DeShawn Wynn and Korey Hall:

On the running back situation as it stands:
Edgar Bennett: "We've got a lot of players that can help us in a lot of different ways. A lot of different talented guys. People might not be familiar with their names, but they are very good competitors. I think when we get going into training camp, you will see those attributes that you look for in football players, the type of guys that can step up and help you win football games.

"I'm excited about our group. I think we have a very talented group. Some hard workers. One thing I love about the guys that are in that room (locker room) is their work ethic. They are passionate about football and they're going to step up and do whatever they can to help us win games this year."

On what he likes about Brandon Jackson :
"He's a tough kid. Very quick feet. Instinctive runner. Good receiver out of the backfield. Can help us in a lot of different ways. Very excited about Brandon, extremely excited."

On if he feels Jackson can play right away:
"With Brandon, I think he his ready. He has definitely shown the quickness that you look for in a running back. He has shown the vision and instinct that you look for in a running back. I also thought that for a back his size, he did a good job breaking tackles. He showed good power. When you look at him, he can help us in a lot of areas. I'm excited that we were able to select him. He has that quickness, ability to make guys miss, he's elusive, good receiver out of the backfield. You get excited about guys like that. Those are some of the attributes you look for in a runner."

On DeShawn Wynn:
"On thing that stands out is he is a big back with very good feet. Good burst, and he's a good receiver out of the backfield."

On if Wynn can play fullback:
"He has some versatility so you could probably use him as both, a swingman between halfback and fullback."

On if he was concerned about Wynn's suspensions at Florida:
"We did our due diligence and studied him on and off the field, and came away with the conclusion that he's an intriguing player that can come in here and compete. We'll see what happens and go from there.
"He's coming in with the right frame of mind that he has to be a professional about his business on and off the field. … He understands what is at hand."

On how he goes about teaching former linebacker Korey Hall to play fullback:
"He has to be able to make reads and adjustments like a halfback would. It kind of helps in a sense when you've got a big back that can see it, and anticipate it, as a halfback would read it. We have a number of different drills and things to speed up the process as far as some of the things that are required to play fullback. It comes down to his attitude and want-to."

On if his heart broke a little when Marshawn Lynch was selected by Buffalo with the 12th overall pick of the draft:
Obviously, Lynch, we viewed him as a very good runner, a guy that can come in and help a program. At the same time, Buffalo selected Lynch and we feel extremely excited and happy for Brandon Jackson. Those things happen."

On if it will be challenging for him as a coach with the younger players:
"Anytime you get an opportunity to teach and push kids in the right direction, I get excited about that. Obviously, losing guys like (Ahman Green), you wish you had those type players, like William Henderson and Ahman Green, but this is an exciting time when you get those young kids in here that you know are talented enough to help you win football games, so I'm kind of excited about the opportunity that we have."

On if it is possible to teach toughness to a player, or is that something they have to learn:
"Sometimes it takes guys a while to mature. At some point they get to the stage where they make that adjustment, that transition, and they learn from some of the things that happened to them in the past."

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