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Quarterback's comments to questions during press conference

Here are Brett Favre's comments to questions during Friday's press conference at Lambeau Field:

Opening statement:
Brett Favre:
"I want to clear up this trade issue, or non-issue as I call it. Never was trade ever mentioned, requested … I just don't know where it came from. It's not true.
"Frustrated at this point last week? Yeah, but I'm here and here to move forward."

On if he is still frustrated:
"I think I get over things fairly quickly. I expressed how I felt, and it's over and done with. Had a good talk with Mike and Ted this week. We don't always agree, not just with Ted and Mike, but we're all that way. We have a good working relationship and we're able to talk about things. Ultimately it comes down to me wanting to play and helping this team win. That's the one thing I can control. By being here, that's what I'm doing. The teammates that I played with last year and previous years are important to me. The team aspect is very important to me, I've always said that. I'd like to think that I am not only a good teammate, but a good leader. That's what it ultimately came down to. Agreeing with one's philosophy, or this and that, really doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm the quarterback for this team until they tell me different. I enjoy doing it.

"What's done is done. It's over with and it's really more of a non-issue than it's made out to be. There were statements made by a lot of people which were untrue, which is usually the case in a lot of situations, but I don't think anyone can question my leadership or determination to win, and that hasn't changed. I know, at times, people want to do that, and had I not shown up, it becomes even a bigger issue.

"To be totally honest with you, it's been 17 years (in the NFL) and I just didn't want to come. I'd like to tell you something different. Tell you something to sell papers and have people watch your TV programs, but they're (minicamps) are kind of boring to be honest with you. That's being honest with you. Sometimes, I don't want to be there just to stand around, but I know that's important."

On what he plans to do at minicamp:
"I'm going to try to do as much as possible. They actually don't want me to do too much. I think I'm fine. After meeting with (team doctor) Pat (McKenzie) and Mike (McCarthy) and Ted (Thompson) today. Pat's a little more cautious. Being that there are a lot of new faces. I understand the aspects of being careful … guys falling on your feet trying to earn a spot today. But I haven't thrown any. My biggest concern is throwing 50 balls and not being able to lift my arm tomorrow.

"As far as what to get out of it, obviously, a lot of new faces and not that you can get your timing down between today and Sunday, but just try to get a feel for these guys."

On fans who are sympathetic to Favre's frustration of team not acquiring a veteran playmaker:
That's probably people that say, ‘Who cares? He's paid to quarterback this team, regardless of who is around him.' That's true. Not taking sides or forming sides on this, because that's not what I'm doing.

"I think last year the statistics, as far as where we stood from an offensive standpoint, points scored, I think we were 22nd in the league, we were second to last in red zone, I could go on and on. You think, ‘We've got to do something. We've got to change this.' Especially for me because I've been playing here a long time and we've had some success in all those areas. I wonder sometimes, ‘Is it me?' Other people probably wonder the same thing. Is it a combination of this or that.

"I believe it was last year that I said this team is as talented a team that I've played on. I still stand by that, but there's not substitute for experience. The only way these guys get better is by playing and by experiencing the game and working with them. That's true, but with that in mind, we have to get better. We have to get better in a hurry.

"Yeah, you take me out of the picture and this is really the youngest team in football. I'd like to think that I can be the difference-maker. I do have the experience and should be able to lead these guys to where we want to go. I believe that.

"What's been said, what's been done is over. The guys in this locker room, I think they can play, I really do. Never once did I say they couldn't play. We're inexperienced. There's some really good talent there. I think our offensive line can be as good as any offensive line we've had here. I think as the year progressed last year, we saw that. Now we have to kind of take it to the next level.

"Yeah, I don't have five years. I'm not blowing smoke, it's true. A lot of the guys in here (locker room) could have 15. I do want to win now. The one thing I can control is how I lead this team on and off the field. What has been said and done is over. The best way to do that is to move forward. There's no hard feelings. I want to win regardless of who is on this team, or who is not on this team."

On taking heat in the media and from fans on possibly not coming to Green Bay for minicamp:
Their opinion is their opinion. I wanted to have this press conference to clear up some of these things. Not what some people say bothers me. The untrue statements bother me. They can question the way I play and everything, but I don't want them to question my leadership and character, especially when I know the truth. People can believe what they want and say what they want. They're going to do that. If they want to take shots at me, that's fine, but really what matters most are the guys in this locker room. I think everyone that knows me and has played with me knows that I'd do anything for this team, and that hasn't changed. Once again, as far as not being here. being here is important and that's why I'm here. I didn't really want to come, but if I did come, I wanted to do something. But I don't want to do something crazy. I haven't thrown a ball since our last game, but I'm glad I'm here. I'm glad that this will be over and done with. I guess there's not a lot going on this time of year because this has been the focal point for a lot of people. That's fine, but really it's a non-issue. It's a bigger deal than people make it out to be."

On if he is frustrated with Ted Thompson:
"I'm fine with Ted. There have probably been games or plays where he probably hasn't agreed with the things that I've done, but I don't see him on the bus after the game where he won't speak to me. You go on. You move forward. "I'm not here to judge the way he runs this team. I know that he's probably has caught a lot of heat, but Ted and I go way back, from Day 1. He has a plan. That's what he's paid to do. I'm paid to lead this team on the field. We're fine. Once again, I don't have to agree with everything he does. He doesn't have to agree with the things I do. I just had a nice talk with him outside about what I was going to do today. We're fine. It wasn't directed at him. I throw an interception … people are mad at me, but there's usually more to it than that. He (Thompson) makes a decision, but it's not only Ted. He's going to catch a lot of the heat, but we're fine."

On if he has a close relationship with Thompson:
"Yes, I have close relationship. Once again, it's over and done with. Randy's going to play with New England. I think he could have helped this team, but there's a lot of players that could. I think the players we have could potentially be excellent players. Again, I'm not going to get into details, but I do have a good enough relationship to make any call to Ted and vice versa."

On how he feels the offense will score more points:
"That's one of the things we talked about this morning in the meetings. We're not going to get it solved in a two-hour meeting. There are some things we need to tweak. For me, I think the good thing is I've got something to pull back from in previous years, maybe plays. Sometimes when you haven't played – we had a lot of new guys last year – they don't know. We had historically been pretty productive in the red zone. We were pretty good on third downs last year, which is pretty surprising. There were certain areas where we struggled. I think the bottom line … Tom Clements has been sending me DVDs and stuff to look at, and the bottom line of what came out of all this is execution. We were a little off on a pass. The route was cut short. A dropped ball. For example against the Rams here, we're moving the ball great and I get the ball knocked out of my hand in the red zone. Little things … I throw a ball to Donald (Driver) against Buffalo after we move the ball and get to the 1-yard line. Just execution here or there. I think it's a combination, but the bottom line is being in the right place. Making the right throw. Catching the ball. Keep the chains moving. Mike (McCarthy) made a point today that maybe he needs to stick with the run game a bit more. I kind of argue against that a little bit, but I think there's a happy medium there and we need to find it. Inexperience plays a part of it there, but there were plays to be made – put it that way – and we have to make them."

On if he has spoken to team about his frustration:
I'm not going to stand up in front of 'em. I've seen a lot of the guys in passing. We're fine. I don't know what they say when they go home. You show me where I said anything about the guys I play with. I want you to show me. Not once did I say anything about the guys that I play with. I know that has been brought up … I want proof that I said something about the guys I play with. Never did I say that. If it keeps being brought up … these statements that you guys are making … then maybe they start believing it. But I believe in these guys.

Once again, a year ago you guys were criticizing me because I said this is one of the most talented teams. You thought I was crazy. I also told you that that doesn't guarantee 12 wins. Nothing guarantees that. I still stand by that."

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