Hawk irked over posted wedding shots

Linebacker says photographer didn't get the picture

Linebacker A.J. Hawk and his wife, Laura, are frustrated that a photographer recently posted images from their wedding on her Web site. The photographer, however, says she had permission to use the photos for her advertising.

Hawk and Laura Quinn, the sister of Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn, were married by a Green Bay judge prior to the start of training camp last year. The couple celebrated their wedding vows with family and friends in March in Ohio.

In an e-mail to The Associated Press, photographer Amy Harcar said the couple signed a standard contract granting her permission to use photos for display or publication. Harcar said she also had Laura Quinn approve the shots she was going to use for her advertising - including a wacky shot of Hawk's new brother-in-law, Brady Quinn, dressed up in a "Village People"-style outfit that caused a stir in the Internet sports community last week.

"Because they are public figures I also contacted Laura Hawk to request her permission to use photos for advertising and publication," Harcar said. "She reviewed and approved the photos I chose for advertising."

Although there was nothing particularly scandalous in the short series of photos posted on the site, Hawk said on Sunday that the shots were used without the couple's permission and he was taken aback by the lack of privacy.

"It's tough," Hawk said. "I guess you have to watch every single thing you do, because everything's public now."

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