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Fans sound off on Favre, Rodgers and Thompson's grand plan

After Favre gets records, work Rodgers into offense
I read with interest your report on Aaron Rodgers on Scout.com (May 24). Once Brett Favre gets his third victory and 7th touchdown pass this coming season I think Mike McCarthy needs to think very seriously about what to do with Rodgers. If Favre gets hurt from a bruise to a tear, use that as an excuse to start Rodgers.

If nothing else look at what the Falcons did. When Matt Schaub proved he knew which player to line up behind and how to take the ball from center and drop back to pass in a real live game as a starter his trade value increased exponentially. Once Favre gets his records, then it is time to go Back To The Future.
Jack, jdripper07@gmail.com, Roanoke, VA

P.S. - The Packers have two gems in Rouse and Clowney. They will take some development and good coaching, but both can be highly successful in the NFL for a long time. I live about 40 minutes from Virginia Tech and I have refereed their scrimmages and spring season games. Those two are excellent football players and good people.

The road ahead for Pack is full of potholes
Just read your article (May 25, PackerReport.com). You wanted somebody to tell you that they just don't get it either. Well, I just don't get it! The money sitting in the bank sure doesn't win football games. I'm at a total loss as to what Thompson's grand scheme or plan is and I know I'm not alone. I actually see a team that's treading water, going round and round in circles and not much progress being made....unless you judge success by the money in the bank and not wins and losses. Fasten your seatbelts people … we're in for a very bumpy ride!
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Harrell will add more bite to Pack's defense
Hey, Todd!
Personally, I don't think the drafting of Harrell was a bad move. At least on paper! Just after last draft I told Packer fan friends here that at some point the Pack could use a stud lineman. I live in Bears country, and Tommy Harris added to the Bears growl, and I hate the Bears! Go Packers!
Jacques, jlaurence54@hotmail.com, South Bend, IN (originally from Milwaukee, WI)

Many questions still surround Packers
Guys, as I mentioned weeks ago, I am done bitching about things and am looking towards the season. So, with that in mind I am wondering if you guys can help fill us in a little more in the next few weeks as far as:

* What veterans (from other teams) do you think will get released come June 1 and of them, will any of them be of interest to the Packers? (I am assuming and pretty sure there are not any current FA's of any interest or he would have signed them already?)

* Will Ted try to address the TE position via these released veterans or go with what they have now and hope they do something??

* Who might be released from the Packers come June 1? (KGB?)

* Will TT try to address some offensive needs yet this summer or is he going to run with what he has right now?

* I think no matter how the fans feel about how things have gone this off season it is now time to just move on and look forward to the upcoming season so that is what I am anxious to start reading about. Keep the great articles coming!!

P.S. - One last gripe on TT and then I am done: It has become very obvious he is building from within for the long haul and that is fine. I think in a roundabout way has even said so.

His (TT) actions also would tell me if I was Brett that I either fall in line with the "plan" or retire because this is how I (TT) am building this team. Again, fine. My big question is why not then just sack up and release Brett and move on with Rodgers? TT has not seemed to have a problem sticking to his plan thus far, even through HEAVY criticism already. What is a little more for the sake of his plan and the long term future of the team? Better yet, why did he not just sit Brett down a year or two ago and tell him "this is the plan, you either fall in line with it or we will release you." That would seem to me to have saved a lot of the crap that came up this past 10 days with Brett, the last two years with Brett.

Also, Ted's comment about wanting to win now - come one, is he serious? I suppose in his mind he wants to win but is winning realistic this season - by winning I mean playoffs, not even Super Bowl? I just think it is an awful lot of him to ask of this team if he actually expects them to make the playoffs this season. Next season, heck yes, but not this season. I hope I am wrong but what are your thoughts?
Jeff D., jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE

All we can do is put our trust in Mike and Ike. Don't expect them to add any more veteran players players. In fact, I would expect that the Packers will release Robert Ferguson on June 1. He just doesn't seem to be part of the overall plan. I think some of these new and younger players will surprise many fans. Brandon Jackson will be fun to watch. Awesome quickness, and he seems pretty tough. Greg Jennings should have a good season. The safety position will be improved, either with Marquand Manuel playing better or one of the young guys stepping up. Lots of competition there. Lots of questions, but we'll see exactly how accurate TT and Co. are in their evaluations of some of the young talent.

Todd Korth

Thompson's so-called plan to win now is questionable
Hi Steve,
Your article on Brett (May 23, PackerReport.com) is one of the more interesting articles that you have written since I have been a member of Scout.com. However, I believe Ted Thompson is the one who has missed a golden opportunity this off-season to help the Packers build a winning franchise. He sits with money well beyond the salary cap and does nothing.

It is not a wonder why a team like New England has developed a winning tradition. They have gone out during free agency and made deals that most believe have made them a favorite to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season. The Packers sat with approximately 25 million dollars under the salary cap at the start of free agency only to watch one of their best offensive players leave in Ahman Green. Not only that, but they have not signed one starting caliber free agent this off-season.

Ted Thompson's record as a general manager is 12 wins and 20 losses. That record stinks! In my book he is not a leader and I have absolutely no confidence in his leadership skills. If I were Brett I would also be shaking my head and wondering what the heck is going on. At least Brett is in a position where he can speak his mind. I applaud him for doing so.

With regard to Javon Walker. Wasn't he the one that went to TT and demanded a new contract? Now how can you blame Brett for running him out of town? I don't think Brett has ever threatened to hold out of training camp or demand to be traded like Javon did. How many times has Brett been willing to renegotiate his contract to help the Packers obtain and retain quality players?

Ted Thompson's philosophy of building a winner through the draft must have Vince Lombardi rolling over in his grave. The NFL is about winning now. Vince understood this and made no bones about it. He didn't need a 3 or 5 year plan to build a winner because his vision was focused on the present.

As a Packer fan I disagree with how TT is trying to build this team. I do not buy into his vision. I don't buy into his idea of drafting the best player vs. a player of need. I don't buy into his passive inability to sign free agents. I don't buy into his rationale for always trading down in a draft to obtain more draft picks (more does not equal better!). I just don't agree with a lot of the moves TT is making.

Let's not make Brett the scapegoat for managements pitfalls. At least we have someone in the organization who is stepping up to the plate and asking, "What the hell is going on out there!"
Randy Nyberg, nyberg@aps.edu, Albuquerque, NM

A few observations on Thompson's plan of attack
Hi Todd,
It has been a while so about time for me to chime in:

Fellow Packer fans, I have read your articles about Favre, the team and some of the decision making of the front office. The only thing I can say is that hopefully whatever it is that Thompson is doing (some would call it nada), will pan out in the future. If the players drafted over the past few years end up being productive players, then kudos to Ted for sticking to his plan. I have to admit, I don't agree with his strategy. But I, like so many other fans, am not the one making those calls so not much can be done. A few notes to make:

Yes, we did lose out on Randy Moss and he is a great talent at wide receiver, but what guarantee did we have that he would "show up" on every down? Over the past few years, the team has struggled out of the gate. What would that do to RM's confidence if we see more of the same in 2007? Let's not forget that we have Greg Jennings, Driver and Ferguson. Ferguson is not out of town yet and the guy has produced in spurts before. He knows his job is on the line, so let's see what we get when training camp starts. Lastly, unless something changes, we are slated to get Koren Robinson back mid-year. He was a contributor for us on both special teams and at wideout last year. He reminds me of an Antonio Freeman type. Decent speed and a smart receiver who knows how to get open and make the catches when it matters.

The Draft. I was shocked silent when we chose Justin Harrell in the first round. All I can say is that his arm better be healed and he better come ready to play. He has some good competition with the guys in the middle of our D-line. I was hoping for a guy like Greg Olsen who would open up the passing game and there were some names left out there, but once again: Bubba Franks is still our starting TE and while many would say that he fell off the map last year, let's look at the play calling and how often we were forced to throw and summon him in for added blocking/protection? Not really his fault. We also have Donald Lee, who has a lot of promise to become a good TE in this league, possibly a starter when Bubba hangs em up.

Running back. This position is always tricky. We have not fared well as an organization drafting at this position in the early rounds. When we traded for Ahman Green back in 2000, what did everyone say? "Ahman who?" While we could use some added depth, let's give Mo a chance and I do agree that we should take a look at Chris Brown as well.

Lastly, keep in mind that we have had money to spend over the past few years, but by not overspending in the early stages of free agency, we have been able to build up a reserve. Thompson sticks very closely to his vest and does not talk about player and personnel specifics much. We really don't know all that is being done and worked on. And we still have the inevitable cuts that will come out of the end of training camp. If we can pluck a veteran defensive back and a special teamer or two, we can become the talk of the NFC just as much as those who signed the "big names".

Hang in there!
Jason, jasonperone@yahoo.com, Chandler, AZ

Favre has become a drag on Packers offense
As a GB fan for a few decades I was truly wishing the trade request rumor of Favre was actually true. Am I a Favre fan? Definitely. Favre will always be one of my favorite Packers next to Hornung, McGee, Butler, Driver and several others.

However, this is how the NFL 2007 season will play out for Favre & the Packers. Favre will break Marino's records & the media will overhype him & the records. This has been happening for the last few years.

Favre will throw 20 TD passes & 20 interceptions. Favre will have a QB rating in the low 70's. GB will miss the playoffs despite one of the better defenses in the NFL. Most will blame the "fact" that Favre has 'no weapons' around him. More media misconceptions.

The truth is that Favre is no longer a consistent weapon.

I believe Aaron Rodgers with 20 TD & 10 INT & a QB rating in the 80's would propel the Pack into the playoffs.

We won't see it only because Favre just can't quit. Sad.
Doug Newlin, dougnew@peoplepc.com, Juneau, WI

All fans can do is hope for the best
Wow, the Pack seems like a big soap opera with more question marks than Professor Wizard, with really no answers yet, which is what is driving me crazy and I think many Packer Backers.

1 – We lost our experienced number 1 running back & fullback and we have little experience & unproven non-experienced players, and we deal with this with drafting more unexperienced unproven players.

2 – We have only one proven & experienced wide receiver in Driver & all we do is draft more unexperienced & unproven players.

3 – Tight end other than used for good blocking (WE HAD TO BECAUSE LINE SUCKED FOR THE MOST PART) (McCarthy had promised to have tight ends more involved) had a terrible year as far as production, especially in the red zone, again we handle this by only going through the way of the draft & rely on unproven players.


1 – We find running backs that will produce in running, catching and blocking.

2 – We find receivers that will catch, run proper routs, and can run after the catch and block.

3 – We find a tight end or ends that catch and run proper routs with some speed and block.

4 – That the offensive line truly has improved and gotten smarter, stronger and will block better … WHICH IT MIGHT

5 – That our defense becomes dominating … WHICH IT MIGHT

We had exceptional cap money and we only signed from FA a defensive player who was third-string with the Giants.




Finally Wolf was 9-7 his first two years and 11-5 his third year, and going for the NFC Championship, and the next two years in the Super Bowl. We had I believe the best record in the NFL for 10 years except maybe tied with Pittsburgh? Wolf used both the Draft & Free Agency and rolled the dice, and said HE WANTED to win "NOW" that's why he brought in so many free agents and gave up an Number 1 for Favre and made huge trades.

Thompson has been so one-sided and such a tight wad, so conservative (He made Rev. Falwell look Liberal), and we are still going into his third year with more question marks than the previous years. We all are wondering who is going to step up a play and produce. I hope the Pack and Thompson is successful and he is right. If NOT, I want his butt on a barbeque and roasting him right outta town!!!

I hope all of our young Packers play well and several step up to meet our needs and surprise the fans and league … which they might?????? WE'LL SEE SOON, WON'T WE?
Jan Mandel, janmandel@cox.net, Phx. AZ

Favre deserves more respect from fans, media
I don't think it will be Brett's last year! With Brett you never know whether or not this will be his last year! We have seen it all before, what I don't like too much is that reporters and sports experts, in my view, are trying to shove him out the door with questions like "Brett are you going to retire?" "Or Play Another Year?"

I'm sure Brett is more than capable of letting us know whether or not he will play another year. In the meantime, we should enjoy Brett, what he means to the Green Bay Packers, Packer fans, and the rest of the National Football League. Plus, need we forget Brett's contract is NOT over until the year 2011, unless it's redone.

Whether you love or hate Brett, you have to RESPECT what he has done for the Green Bay Packers, and showing us "Yes, You Can Play For One Team for over 16 Years."

While other players move on somewhere else, yet we continue to BLAST him for speaking his mind every now and then. The latest Randy Moss issue, which the press got on the Band Wagon and made a lot out of NOTHING and still being posted as we speak! (Not A Good Thing)

It doesn't happen too often any more that Brett gets a good review. Maybe it's about time he does for being so loyal, loving the game, being a leader, and, yes, speaking his mind whenever he feels the need to! (That Is A Good Thing)
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

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