Harlan, Platten statements

Here are opening statements that Packers president Bob Harlan and executive committee member Peter M. Platten made to the media this afternoon at Lambeau Field regarding the decision to give president and chief operating officer John Jones a one-year leave of absence:

Executive committee member Peter M. Platten:
"As a group, we have spent a significant amount of time evaluating the situation and gathering the appropriate information. The issues have been discussed in detail with John. Ultimately, it was mutually decided it would be beneficial for John to take a leave of absence while the executive committee continues our evaluation and considers the next steps. John will be on leave until the process is concluded.

"Out of respect to John, we are unable to discuss the specific concerns that led to the decision, but I will tell you that they did not involve personal conduct, or ethical violations.

"This was an incredibly difficult decision for the executive committee, especially knowing how hard John has worked on behalf of the Packers, but it was a decision we knew we had to make. John Jones has accomplished a lot in the eight years of service, especially related to the redevelopment of Lambeau Field and the establishment of the new atrium businesses.

"Once this decision was reached, we decided the best course of action for the short term was would be to approach Bob Harlan about staying on as the chairman of the board. He will act as the organization's principle executive officer. Bob agreed to temporarily forego retirement so the organization would maintain leadership continuity until the issue of our long-term leadership is determined. We would expect to have this matter fully resolved within one year."

Bob Harlan:
"First of all, I think it's very important that I thank the executive committee for the wonderful job it has done in the last couple of weeks to help us resolve a very difficult situation. Secondly, I want to assure all Packers fans that we are well prepared to move into the future. We have a very strong administrative team. A year ago we promoted both Vicki Vanevenhoven and Jason Weid. We asked them to take on more responsibilities, which they did and they've done extremely well with it. They've grown a great deal within the last year. Football will continue to report to me as it has in the past 18 years. We're going to fight to keep this organization among the elite organizations in the National Football League, and I'm very comfortable that we're going to get that accomplished.

"I also want you to know that (NFL) Commissioner Roger Goodell has been fully informed of this situation. He is well aware of what we're doing in Green Bay, why we're doing it, and he has promised us his full support."

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