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Fans chime in with thoughts on Packers' decision to dismiss Jones

Harlan should stay clear of hiring next president
I do believe if the Board of Directors are smart they will remove Bob Harlan from any further participation in the choosing of his successor. When you have your dream job it is damned hard to let go. The history of business and sports is littered with the failed attempts of CEOs, coaches, and others to hand pick their successors, and by extension to continue to their legacies.

Name an executive search committee and allow them to have full sway over the decision. It becomes their responsibility and absolves Harlan of any blame. GE was hurt by the extended departure of Jack Welch. His celebrity status hamstrung the Board of Directors in their decisions in regards to replacing him, and placed an unfair onus on the man who succeeded him.

Harlan should be completely hands off on picking his successor. He should not even be listed as the CEO or President unless it says interim. He had his chance and it did not work. Now it is up to the Board of Directors to pick someone. He needs to be hands off. Frankly, if I was him I would want to have hands off. This way if anything goes wrong the last thing people think of him will not be his failure at picking his successor.

If I had a vote I would bring in Scott Pioli (Vice President – Player Personnel) from the Patriots as the next President and CEO of the Packers. It is probably the only position that would pry Pioli loose from the Patriots. Second, no one can doubt his abilities as a football man. Third, he is experienced in dealing with the media (New York, Cleveland and Boston very tough media markets) and the NFL owners. Fourth, if it came time to clean house, he has the gravitas that no one would doubt him.
John F. King, jdripper07@gmail.com, Roanoke, VA

Grade school behavior by Packers with Jones
Absolutely loved your article about Jones/Harlan/ and the fans!!! I agree with you 100%!!! Last time I checked, don't the fans own this team? Aren't we the ones who are basically bank rolling this organization? This whole thing is a big mystery and it shouldn't be. It's playing out like a grade school game of he said, she said, we said, they said. The trouble is...everybody's speaking in some kind of language known only to them and a lot of CYA's going on. Pffffffffft!!!!
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

What are odds of Clowney, Wynn making team?
Hey, Todd!
James Jones and Brandon Jackson will most likely make the 2007 roster. But how steep does David Clowney's climb look compared with Cory Rodgers, the kid drafted 4b in 2006? I see a lot of young guys already there. DeShawn Wynn appears to be facing long odds as well, he looked good at the scouting combine.

PS - Both kids have really good speed, I'm pulling for both of them.
Jacques, jlaurence54@hotmail.com, South Bend, IN (originally from Milwaukee, WI)

Clowney will have to catch the ball better in training camp than he did in minicamp this month, and he'll have to show that he can be valuable for special teams in whatever capacity they need him. Same with Wynn. Both have good chances to make the team, but they have to show the coaches why they were drafted when the pads go on in training camp.

Todd Korth

Fans deserve to know more about Jones' dismissal
A fan-owned franchise and this is what we get? Your article (May 31, PackerReport.com) was correct. We definitely deserve to hear more. I understand that the legalities of it all can get in the way, but I guess it kind of doesn't matter anymore, regardless. While it stinks not knowing the real reasons, I guess all that matters is that he is gone.
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Sydney off the mark on Favre
Hello Todd,
I just finished Mr. Sydney's article (June 1, PackerReport.com) and I must say that he is so very true to the mark on almost everything he states. I realize they are his opinions and I have mine as well.

I do differ on one subject with Mr. Sydney. In almost all of his articles in the last two years he is always putting the blame on Favre for slowing down the team or making T.T. wait and thus causing the Packers a player they would have taken only if Favre ... I am so sorry, but I think he is way off the mark. I just cannot see a team and T.T. doing something that they would otherwise do just because of what Favre says. My only real argument for this is if Brett had that much influence he would have gotten some of the offensive players he spoke out about, or asked for, to help himself, not just the team. He would have held T.T. captive just like Harry is saying in a roundabout way.

The bottom line is the Packers are building the way T.T wants it to and no matter what Favre does or says, T.T will do it his way. T.T obviously has plans for Favre to be the number one guy until he deems it time for a change.
Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie, Pa.

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