Sydney Speaks! Others like them's Harry Sydney offers his thoughts on who should be next president of the Green Bay Packers. Sydney also explains how Organized Team Activities practices and off-field activities help unite the team.

Now is a very important time for the Green Bay Packers for several reasons. And don't think I'm not talking about the Packers starting the search for a new president because the guy that they need to hire is already there and involved in the organization, and that's Andrew Brandt. He knows football in every aspect, but more importantly he knows people and how to get the best out of them.

In my opinion every character that Bob Harlan displays Andrew Brandt possesses just in a younger version. Another reason why he should be the guy is because it's his time and, trust me, Packer fans, he is largely responsible for the Packers being in their financial situation with the cap room it's in now. Also, because of his rational thinking he stopped Mike Sherman from making more mistakes than he did.

In every issue or situation, Brandt has the voice of reason. He's about as solid of a man as you will ever meet and I personally would hate to lose him. Trust me, you never want to give someone a job just because you might lose them, but in this case this organization as it relates to football would be lost without him. Again, that's my opinion.

Now to the important stuff and that's the OTA's because these are so valuable for the Green Bay Packers and here's why:

This is where the Mike McCarthy and the coaching staff find out just who the other players might be based on what they see in different areas. The staff is looking to see different things from different players. For example, they are looking to see just how someone like a Brandon Jackson who's young and eager handles learning at the professional level. The coaches are also looking to see who is going to step up as potential leaders in each position because that's when the team really gets better.

Position by position there has to be someone that holds the others to a certain standards. This is that time of the year when accountability really starts to set in, and the peer pressure can make this team better. It is no longer about who they didn't get to play for the Green Bay Packers, it's about who is playing for the Green Bay Packers and them taking the steps necessary to get better and that's the purpose of the OTA's.

The OTA's are about several things such as the players getting the opportunity to learn at a pace that allows for mistakes to be made and corrected without being made to feel stupid because they didn't get it yet. This is also the time when the coaches get a chance to really do some teaching on the field and in the classroom. We know what they do on the field but so much is done in the classroom. In the classroom, of course, they watch practice film but they also get to watch actual game film showing them how it looks when things are done correctly, which is the best teacher.

One of the biggest things that comes from the OTA's team chemistry. It isn't just done on the football field. Actually it is done more off the field than on the field. It's done in the locker room, or when they have a down time or when they are out eating, playing golf or when they learn how to trust each other, and they really have to depend on each other away from the football field to want to do it on the field. That's when chemistry is built and that's why these OTA's are so important to the Green Bay Packers. This team might not have the best players or best talent, but that doesn't mean it can't win if it plays like a team and trusts each other and the coaches.

Should everyone be there? Yes, but will they be there? No. Most of the time, the veteran who is sure about his abilities doesn't think he needs to be there. The practices are not mandatory and they have other things going on. Remember, the OTA's aren't really a new thing. I remember when I was with the 49ers we would get together and run routes and work out together, but that was just what we did. Then again there weren't any workout clauses in our contract, forcing us to move anywhere and making it mandatory, even though they call it a voluntary camp because of that PEER PRESSURE syndrome.

Again the OTA's might not be for some guys because to them football just might be about business. I'm not saying that's a bad thing for them because everyone has their own agenda. They aren't coaches and on Sundays they do their jobs very well and they know their stuff. They have been there. They are proven.

The OTA's are for the unproven. Donald Driver and Brett Favre are different. They are at the OTA's not because they want to, but because they feel like they have to. This is their team and they are the original Packers.

Brett Favre and Donald Driver have given everything to this organization, so maybe the mission of this OTA is for Mike McCarthy and his staff to find OTHERS LIKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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