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Packers fans submit their thoughts on Holmgren for president, Favre, Thompson, McCarthy

Random thoughts on Packers, Vick
Hi Todd,
Just a few comments. You may recall I was quite critical of TT and MM last year. This is my first letter this year.

1) Bob Harlan: He blew it by hiring Mike Sherman as GM. He has blown it with his hand-picked successor (Jones). Oh yeah! He made a good choice with Wolf. That was how many years ago? Sixteen? I think he needs to go. Why is it that top management can get away with bad job performance. Someone wrote he is doing what any good CEO does. That is, recognizing a mistake and trying to correct it. Please! If he wasn't CEO he would have been shown the door without a severance package for making so many mistakes.

2) Randy Moss: A three receiver set with Driver, Jennings and Moss would have been great. But the fact that he quit on his team last year is quite bothersome. I actually think he might have a great year with the Patriots. However, I believe the more important issues are these. 1) TT has needed for a long time to explain his plan to the players, fans, etc. 2) TT always takes a wait and see approach. Will he ever go after a player in a bold and decisive manner? 3) I want an elite defense. I want elite special teams. I also want an elite offense. Unfortunately, this organization has tried too often to get by on the cheap without giving FARVE elite weapons. What a waste!

3) Kurt S: Why is this guy still coaching for the Packers? There are better coaches available. Shame on MM for keeping a poor coach because of loyalty to his brother over what is best for the Packers.

4) Reality Check: I always hear TT and MM talking about improving the team. That's fine, except what good is improving your team if you are still falling further behind the elite teams in the league?

5) Mike Vick: Training dogs to fight for viewing pleasure is sick, morbid, evil, cowardly, etc. He makes $13 million per year without doing anything on the field. He makes more in one day than the average person makes in a full year. He is a coward and a liar. He should be banned from the league. He should be put in jail.

I think second year players and rookies are going to have to come through for us to be better than 8 and 8 this year. I'm hoping they do! GO PACKERS!
Bobio, rschneider1975@yahoo.com, Minnetonka, MN

Not fair to pin everything on Favre
Here we go again putting the blame on Favre. It is all on Favre to make the guys better through himself, not the opposite making better players around Favre get better as a team.

It seems to me the reporting likes to adjust the meaning of what many Packer fans and Favre are trying to say. An example, just Packer writer Steve L. (June 2, PackerReport.com) says in so many words that there is a difference in the 30-year age of Driver versus the 30-year age of Moss. Who would you rather have? A young Jennings with projected numbers or the "old" lazy Moss? How about who would you rather have the projected finish of Jennings (no sophomore slump or re-injury) or the positive side of Moss, which he declined to mention as comparison? I personally am glad we did not get Moss.

But that is not what Favre and others are clamoring about, they just wanted to see an upgrade in making the offense BETTER. It did not have to be at the receiver spot necessarily, maybe running back. Not to just sit and go with who we have. Like many writers and fans have said to just sit is not the way to improve, you must search and find even one person to make a team effort get better. Did T.T. do that by drafting talent that appears to be more depth of equal talent like we have now? That remains to be seen.

All and all, was there one person in the draft that the Pack let go that could have made the offense click just a step or two better than all the projected hopeful potential players we have right now? Yes, put it all on Favre, if he can't elevate the offense this year with what T.T. gave him it is his fault? Right!

Let's all hope the offensive line improves; let's all hope the running backs can step it up; let's hope that somehow we find an answer to the poor performance of the tight ends last year; let's hope that Driver still has it; and let's all hope that Jennings does not re-injure himself and no sophomore slump; let's hope that we can find a solid No. 3 receiver in the likes of Martin, Holiday, Brewster, rookies Jones, Clowney; and, yes, let's all hope that they all just improve enough so Favre does not have to take the blame again. Let's also hope that the coaches are fast learners and cut the errors down for the sake of the team. Or, it will be Favre's fault for not putting the team over the top or into the next level. Blame it all on Favre.
Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie, PA

Holmgren as president a perfect fit for Packers
In my thoughts and views over this, it would be a GREAT IDEA to bring Mike Holmgren back to Green Bay! A perfect fit to get the Packers back to were they are suppose to be. It was a huge mistake that the Packers let Holmgren go the first time! Bringing him back to Green Bay, to me, would be a no-brainer. Bob Harlan can run the team until then, maybe longer until Holmgren makes up his mind. I'm sure if there was a good offer made to Holmgren, he would take it! And then Packer Fans would not only have something to be proud of, the team's chances of making the playoffs would be a deadlock almost every year!

The fans love Mike; the players would love Mike Holmgren; Brett, as we know, respects him as well. A PERFECT FIT! I'm sure if a vote were taken, Holmgren would WIN by a large margin! Mike Holmgren for now says "No" but funny things do happen, and there is a good chance to seal the deal here. I say, GET HIM! He knows the "West Coast/Green Bay offense; he knows coaching; and he knows how to GET PLAYERS when needed!

In closing: Bob, you have done one hell of a job at Green Bay and I'm sure you can go on running the team as long as you want. I respect you highly! Landing Holmgren for the CEO job would be the highlight of his Hall Of Fame career at Green Bay!

This would be the greatest move since the Packers got as Coach a man named Vince Lombardi!
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

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