Sydney Speaks! Frequently asked questions premium subscribers know that Harry Sydney will tell Packers fans exactly how he feels when it comes to the team that he used to play on and help coach. In his column today, Sydney addresses a few questions that he is frequently asked by Packers fans.

This will be one of those different articles. This will consist of a few questions that people have asked me and I thought I'd share them with you. I am on a radio show in Green Bay twice a week an oftentimes my co-host gets asked, "WHAT DOES HARRY REALLY THINK?" So let me take time to tell you!!!!!!

QUESTION — Which one is better - Brett Favre or Joe Montana?
Everyone that knows me knows that I think Joe Montana is the best quarterback that has played the game during my time. Noticed I said, my time. Others could think Bart Starr or John Unitas. Then there is that group that are dealing with the Peyton Manning-Tom Brady comparison.

When you compare Brett to Joe the best way I describe them is that Brett Favre is a 4-by-4 and Joe is a Porsche, but both are getting where they want to go. Brett most of his career has been unpredictable and would make play after play with his arm, squeezing the ball into tight fits and making throws that many quarterbacks wouldn't even try to attempt.

Trust me, there won't be many types of videotape made for young kids using Brett Favre throwing techniques. On the flip side, everything about Joe Montana was poetry in motion. The other thing that I believe separated them was the fact that Joe Montana made it about his ability to read defenses and surgically dissect them, and they never saw it coming. Where in Brett's case it wasn't necessary always about reads, timing and picture perfect throws. It's been more about results.

With Brett, it's been about longevity and weathering the test of time with an incredible starting streak that I don't think will ever be broken. With Joe Montana it's about Super Bowls. Another thing with Brett you come to a game to see what he will do and with Joe you came to see how he would do it.

QUESTION — What made it work between Mike Holmgren and Ron Wolf?
What made it work between the two of them was the fact that they were willing to learn from each other and trust each other. When Ron Wolf was the general manager you have to understand that he really had no idea of what athletes were needed to run and execute the West Coast offense. All he knew was that the San Francisco 49ers had perfected it and that Mike Holmgren was an offensive-minded coordinator that worked with players such as Joe Montana, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, as well as he was tutored by the genius himself, Bill Walsh.

Together Ron and Mike learned from each other and, trust me, there were plenty of growing pains. Ron Wolf knew personnel, but he had to learn what type of personnel, especially on offense, were suited for the West Coast offense because this was something new for him. This wasn't the Raiders where they threw bombs and stretched the field. The West Coast offense was different it was about moving the chains. That's where Ron and Mike really learned they had to trust each other. Mike had to trust that Ron would listen and get the right guy, and Ron had to trust that Mike would do the right thing with that guy. Can we all say Brett Favre!!!! Ron brought in Brett Favre and Reggie White along with many others, and Mike delivered by taking this team and the city back to the promised land by winning the Super Bowl in January of 1997.

So what really made it work between the two was the yearning by both of them to become the best in their field. Did it give them some form of ego? OH, YES, but then again how couldn't they? They delivered on their promises to each other and this city. They were smart enough to understand that they were the best things for each other at that time.

QUESTION — How did the Packers lose to Denver in Super Bowl XXXII?
Because the Green Bay Packers, under the guidance of Mike Holmgren, forgot to run the ball the second half. Everyone wanted to talk about how the Broncos' offense, led by Terrell Davis, couldn't be stopped, but he could have been if he would have been kept off the field. Mike Holmgren, for some reason, thought that the Packers couldn't or shouldn't be intimidated by the blitz, which was the Bronco's claim to fame. So because of the Packers not wanting to run the ball in the most important game in people's careers, the Packers lost the Super Bowl. It wasn't because the defense couldn't stop them; it wasn't because of some bad calls; it wasn't because they were better then us; it wasn't because Elway had a great game. It was simply because they out-coached us and were willing to do what it took to win!!!!!

These are just a few ASKED QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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