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Fans submit thoughts on Packers front-office shakeup

Shakeup at the top is puzzling
Dear Mr. Korth,
As an avid Packer fan and enjoying the Packer Report one of the finest magazines for the NFL's grandstand franchise the Green Bay Packers, I am still puzzled by the "front office" shakeup of the team with Mr. Bob Harlan who has done wonders since becoming the team President and CEO 18 years ago. He should be credited for resurrecting the franchise that had been poor to mediocre since a gentleman named Vince Lombardi guided the franchise.

Mr. Harlan should be credited with hiring Ron Wolf, the architect of the success of the Packers in the 1990's, and Wolf made the trade that would turn the franchise around for a young gunslinger from Atlanta, named Brett Favre, and Mr. Harlan should be credited for reshaping the future for the Packers, especially the marvelous remodeling of Lambeau Field one of the greatest places to see a National Football League game and its Loyal Fan base. Harlan should be inducted to the National Football League Hall of Fame some day for his contributions, also I am sure Mr. Harlan was instrumental in luring number 92 back in Februay of 1993, Mr. Reggie White.

Yes, Mr. Harlan has made some moves that were questionable, but his contributions to the Green Bay Packers and the NFL should be remembered and I hope the Green Bay Packers franchise will move ahead and fine a leader that is committed to a winning organization. I hope Mr. Harlan stays as long as he and the executive committee find the right person to lead this organization for the years to come, but with a new team CEO in the near future you also have to question the status of General Manager Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy, and this could be Brett's last year in a Packer uniform. We will just have to wait and see.
Daniel Zapalac, ZapalacDan68@aol.com, Bolingbrook, IL

Big story behind front office mystery
There's a mystery out there and many of us would like it solved. There's way more to this Jones story than is being told. One BIG clue is that we haven't heard from or seen Jones. WHY??? Obviously it's not a good thing either or somebody would be talking. Sure, Jones might have money reasons to be quiet. But what about a person's reputation? That makes me think there's something that doesn't make Jones look good involved and it must be true, and he doesn't want it out there either. I think we deserve to know the real story here!
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Holmgren should be next president of Packers
Mike Holmgren would be the greatest fit I could think of. I as a fan would support that in a heartbeat!!! Who else can I send an e-mail or just pass this on to Bob Harlan he does seem to listen to the fan base.
Brad Renderman, bmrender@hotmail.com.

Age is catching up to Favre in a hurry
Awwwwww ... poor baby Blanda ... sorry, Favre. He has a sore shoulder, perhaps the extent of his off-season program is catching up with him. You know, all that throwing he did before he came to Green Bay a couple weeks back?

Ohhhh, yeah, that's right, NOT ONE PASS before then! Anyone surprised by a sore shoulder from Favre should slap themselves and give up their pets because they are not mentally fit to bare them. What do you think will happen when a 45-year-old (oops ... did I get his age wrong? I couldn't tell by looking at him) pro athlete doesn't use his gun for a couple months? I'll give anybody one guess, but I know that "feel good" isn't going to be one of the choices on that test!

Maybe I shouldn't rip on the, "franchise, Mr. w/out me GB football wouldn't exist hardly, (and perhaps he's right)" as bad as I do, but then again, maybe I'm CRAZY for expecting more out of a guy who is taking 11 milli's a whack from the accounting department, not to mention the morality of him making the average of the top 3 QB's in the league.

Really? He is getting paid the average salary of say, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and perhaps Carson Palmer? Yeah, I must be crazy for not wanting to put his current performance in the conversation with those CURRENT performers. My mistake Todd!
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

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