Leader of the Pack is middle of the pack

SI's Peter King rates Brett Favre as the 14th-best quarterback in the NFL — behind Jon Kitna and a host of second-year quarterbacks.

There's a "Mythbusters" marathon on Discovery Channel today, and Sports Illustrated's Peter King did a bit of his own myth busting on SI.com.

King ranked the Packers' Brett Favre just 14th among the NFL's 32 starting quarterbacks.

How the mighty have fallen. Or so it would seem on the surface.

As King explains on SI.com, his rankings are based only on his prediction of how a quarterback will play in 2007. While King didn't explain Favre's ranking, it's no doubt based on Favre coming off consecutive seasons of 38 touchdowns and 47 interceptions, his running a somewhat conservative offense and the lack of a proven receiver behind Donald Driver.

If you skip right to his chart, you'll see Detroit's Jon Kitna is ranked ninth. Kitna ahead of Favre — that far ahead of Favre, at that — you ask?

Replies King: That's not what I think. What I think is that by the end of this year, we'll have seen Kitna as one of the 10 most productive quarterbacks in the NFL this season. Kitna's the golden child in the perfect spot for a quarterback in 2007, just as with every Mike Martz quarterback of the past few years."

King's top five of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Carson Palmer and Marc Bulger is hard to argue.

A few names sure to draw the ire of the Favre faithful are Tennessee's Vince Young (seventh), Denver's Jay Cutler (10th) and Dallas' Tony Romo (11th).

All three of those are entering their second year as starters. None of them have proven anything while Favre, despite diminishing stats, has a world of experience and that big-time arm. Then again, Young can run like a deer and single-handedly salvaged the Titans' season last year, and Cutler (to Javon Walker) and Romo (to Terrell Owens) have superior talent at receiver.

On the bright side, at least Favre ranks ahead of Chicago's Rex Grossman (27th) and Minnesota's Tarvaris Jackson (30th).

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