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Hats off to GATOR for bringing us all back to reality and reminding us that football is great, the Packers are great, and Packer fans are the best fans of all.<p> Keep up the good work, Gator. You're definitely in the running for Post of the Month with this one!<p>

GATOR writes:

A question for the board--

-since a lot of what I'm reading here the past couple of weeks has had to do with the Packers' shortcomings, I'd like to know--

"Is anyone enjoying this season yet?"

For me- HELL YES !!

I love football of any kind, anywhere any time. I watch HS, colleges and arenaball when I have the chance. I LIKE the NFLE and even enjoyed the XFL when it was on. I've got some USFL memorabilia and rooted for the Chicago Fire of the WFL back in the day.

But for me, it doesn't get any better than to see those familiar yellow helmets with the big 'G' on the sides out on the green grass on a sunny (or rainy or snowy) Sunday or lose..triumph or struggle, there is nothing like Packer football...

I cut my teeth on the NFL back when the Pack was beginning it's rise to the domination of the '60's and gritted those teeth throught the dismal years of the 70's and 80's and have reveled in the return to respectability and then greatness of the 90's and now into the new century... I've been treated to the opprortunity to see both some of the greatest mistakes that a team could make, as well as seeing some of the best players ever to walk onto a field, both as Packers and among the opposition...

This season may be off to a start that may not have lived up to the expectations of some fans, but it's still early in this year, and not yet time to give up on the boys...and even if they don't get it together, I'll stil enjoy each and every minute of every game I'll have the chance to watch, with the ol' VCR humming away for the games on local TV...


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