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Thoughts on National Football League's new media policy

July 6, 2007
45 Seconds
Maybe you have seen the news reports that the NFL is limiting media outlets from running long video or audio clips on their web sites. Sites, like PackerReport.com can only show up to 45 seconds of video or audio of NFL related content. This is done to both protect and drive viewers to the NFL affiliated web sites, like the Packers official website.

I do not speak for PackerReport.com here, but I can see where many of these media outlets would be disturbed by this policy. This embargo does little to me, because I do not dabble in the video production arts and do not have the patience to watch something so long on a computer, but I can see why it will inconvenience some. The NFL wants to strengthen and protect another of their investments.

Of the two sides in this "conflict," I kind of side with the media outlets. They are in business just like the NFL and their teams. They cover the NFL not because they are big fans, although they might be, but because it is their job.

The NFL sometimes forgets that it is the most popular sports entity, in part, because of the "FREE" publicity that newspapers, television and other media outlets give the league.

This move may come back to bite the NFL in the behind. The league should do less monopolizing of the Internet and spend more time scouting, coaching and keeping its guys off the police blotter.

John Lombardi

Editor's note: John Lombardi is the grandson of legendary coach Vince Lombardi. His football experience includes stints with two teams in the World League (now NFL Europe); in the scouting departments of the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans; and graduate assistant coach and director of football operations at Vanderbilt. E-mail him at johnlombardi22@yahoo.com.

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