Post of the Day

With all the ups and downs of Sunday's victory over the hapless Detroit Lions, qbpackershaun did a nice job of summing up the bright spots.<p> Here's the Post of the Day from Sunday:<p>

"Good Points Today

"1) A win is a win so we will take it.

2) Najeh Davenport. A good first start for a rookie.

3) Robert Ferguson. First NFL touchdown.

4) Bretts throws for over 300 yards and his first 3 TD game since the Cleveland game last December.

5) Marquis Anderson. Interception returned for a TD.

6) A big game from Bubba Franks

7) Todd McBride game saving interception.

8) The Bears Losing.

9) And best of all, the Queens losing to the Panthers.

Bad Points

Our D, 12 Penalties, Special Teams, Injuries.

"Favre to Glenn, Touchdown"

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