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It wasn't the typical winning mood for coach Mike Sherman following Green Bay's all-too-close 37-31 victory over winless Detroit Sunday at Ford Field. Here's what Sherman had to say:<p>

On his message to team:

"As I told them, I had talked about adversity in the preseason, that we would face it this season, and I didn't expect to face it so often. We have had three ballgames here where we are facing it on a regular basis. I said (to the team), I'm tired of adversity. I want a little success, rather than adversity.

"In light of that, I did tell them that no matter what happens at the beginning of the season, this win is a win and that's what matters. That's what matters today. What matters tomorrow is we roll up our sleeves, we get to work and we fix, diligently fix, the mistakes that we made in this football game and they were numerous. Part of it was due to the fact that we had injuries, but injuries are part of the game and you have to be able to handle that."

On Najeh Davenport's performance:

"He's been showing us some things in practice. I wanted to see what he could do in the football game. He still made some mistakes, but he did rush for about 85 yards and blocked and played fullback and tailback, so he's the player that I drafted and feel comfortable that he's going to be a better player as we continue to go.

"I felt like if we could win this game without Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport could take a step forward, we'd be a better football team. I think he has taken a step forward and I think in that way we're better, but there are other things we need to correct. We were not very good in special teams. (In the) first half I thought our defense played extremely well with the exception of a semi-trick play on third-and-1, which we should have covered. We turned the ball over on offense three times and it only resulted in three points for them. In a dome stadium we haven't really survived those types of turnovers (in the past), so I was pleased with their performance in the first half."

On Bubba Franks:

"There's been an effort all year to go to Bubba. His number was called a couple times and he made the plays he needed to make, I was very pleased with him."

On Lions rookie quarterback Joey Harrington:

"I thought he played a whale of a ballgame. I know there were some tough interceptions that he threw, but for his first time out of the blocks he gave the Green Bay Packers as much as we could possibly handle. He seemed very poised. I think you really measure a quarterback by his poise."

On his mood after game:

"To be honest with you, it does feel like a win, but it also feels like I have an awful lot of work to do come tomorrow, come tonight."

On team's recent performances:

"I was disappointed we couldn't finish this team. We were up 17 points at one point and couldn't put the nail in the coffin, something I thought we were able to do at different times last year."

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