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Packers fans offer their thoughts on upcoming season

Packers can post a winning record in 2007
This is Geoff Slater again from across the world in Azerbaijan. Personally I'm not as pessimistic as some although I do have my reservations about the TE and SS positions. It seems the me that the management has done a good job scouting the free agents and the draft candidates. I will admit I was shocked to see Harrell taken in the first round. That said, I have always believed that the core of any championship team is the defensive line. Why? Because if they contain the run and apply pressure on the QB they not only shut down the other team's offense and create turnover possibilities, they also give the offense the ball in a field position where more options are open for plays.

So adding to the defensive line makes a lot of sense, especially after the second best running back was taken by Buffalo. (I did kind of think that WR from Tenn. was intriguing). Regardless there wasn't a TE or WR on the board with Field Spreading speed and size so OK they took Harrell. Now IF he has speed he could be a part time switch to DE which would make him very valuable. That's my question. What is his lateral speed and quickness.

The new kicker Crosby could be the steal of the draft. If he's the real deal then we got a 13 year contributor (if we can keep signing him) and Pro Bowler. His capacity to bury the ball in the end zone on kickoffs and to hit the long FG could make him the difference between an average season and the Super Bowl in years to come. Not enough said about this selection.

One interesting thought ... what if good ol' Brett had James Lofton to throw to!? He'd forget Randy Moss in about a New York second!!

Let's give the coach and the O-line some time to get moving. My guess is that if the defense plays well and we can average 150 yards per game...we'll be at least 9-7!
Geoffrey B. Slater, gbslater@worldparadigm.com, Baku 370000, Azerbaijan

Henderson could help teach Wynn
How about bringing Henderson in to give the kid some coaching regarding pass blocking, catching out of the backfield, and character development? Perhaps that extra preparation could really pay off.
Benjamin C. Zitron, bzitron@breslinrealty.com , Garden City, NY

Good idea. I see William once in a while around Green Bay, so he's available!

Todd Korth

Will the Packers make a big move yet this off-season?
I keep hearing talk of an off-season move that the team might make, but I haven't heard anything more. What is the latest gossip on the subject? Have you heard anything?
John, a1cheesehead@aol.com, Fulton, NY

You never know, but I think it's a dead issue.

Todd Korth

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