Culpepper in Green Bay?

Ex-Dolphins quarterback likely to seek team where he can start, says's Todd Korth

Daunte Culpepper can officially seek a new team in the NFL now that he has been released by the Miami Dolphins. While the addition of Culpepper to Green Bay would be intriguing, the timing of acquiring a veteran quarterback, like Culpepper, simply isn't right.

In short, Culpepper likely will shy away from Green Bay in his search for new NFL home.

Brett Favre is returning for his 16th season in Green Bay and Culpepper, 30, would be forced to sit on the bench behind Favre, and possibly Aaron Rodgers, whom the Packers have groomed the last three off-seasons to replace Favre.

Look for Culpepper, who hasn't been the same since sustaining a major knee injury in 2005 when he was with the Vikings, to seek a team where he will have a more legitimate chance to start. A few teams that come to mind include the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he could hook up with Mike Tice, his former coach in Minnesota. Atlanta, which may be without Michael Vick this season, Chicago and St. Louis are other teams that probably will take a good look at Culpepper.

That doesn't mean that the Packers won't consider Culpepper. However, Favre is the man until he decides to walk away from football, and that may not come until after the 2008 season, so why would Culpepper want to sit on the bench in Green Bay like so many other quarterbacks have behind Favre?

Plus, if the Dolphins felt they needed to trade for Trent Green, what does that say about Culpepper? If he's not good enough to lead Miami, maybe his abilities are not the same as they once were when he was with the Vikings.

Culpepper in a Packers uniform prior to his knee injury would have created a pleasant problem at quarterback, but not now. The feeling here is that Culpepper will stay in Florida, his home state, and play for the Jaguars.

Todd Korth

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